NUC not reachable every 2 days

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock, Intel Boxnuc8I7Beh2 Nuc Pc/Workstation Barebone, I7-8559U, 2.7 Ghz Ucff, Bga 1528
Transcend TS128GMTE110S 128GB M.2 2280PCIe Gen3x4 3D Ram
Crucial CT8G4SFS8266, 8GB memory, DDR4, 2666 MT/s, PC4-21300, Single Rank x8, SODIMM, 260-Pin, green

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Technicolor TC7210 wifi-modem

Connected Audio Devices

dCS Networkbridge, ethernet cable, Sonos Connect (wifi via Sonos Bridge, cabled)

Number of Tracks in Library

35,000 tracks

Description of Issue

For a few months now every say 2 days I cannot connect to Roon (via Windows laptop, android phone). Everytime I then look at the nuc I see the HD led blinking. When i give the nuc a hard reset it is oke again and i can use roon. But this is not how roon is supposed to work, right? The nuc I bought brand new in august 2020

Purchase the smallest capacity version of Samsung 970 to replace it, and install ROCK again.

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That is probably your boot drive starting to fail. Get backups, start looking for a (quality) replacement. I had an early Intel 600 drive go the same way.

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Hi @Sjaak_Biemans, I’d like to echo Peter and Henry’s thoughts above — Definitely look into the possibility of the SSD failing here.

@dylan I found the Transcend memory on Roons recommended NUC list, so I bought it. And how can it be broken if i can still power it up every 2 days? Whats the risk of buying a new memory, doing all the reinstalling rock stuff, and afterwards coclude the Transcend memory was not the cause of the problem? I know some things about computers, but I’m not an expert

Hi @Sjaak_Biemans, I ran some diagnostics on your device, and I’m definitely seeing some signs that the SSD might be failing here. There are quite a few errors related to the drive and, based on the symptoms, it’s definitely likely that this is contributing to the problems you’re seeing.

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