NUC/Rock vs Nucleus future plugins, etc

I noticed Danny’s comment here regarding support of future plugin environments, etc., only existing on Roon’s own OS’s.

Could someone clarify whether he meant only on actual Nucleus/Nucleus+, or on all NUCs running ROCK built to Roon’s officially supported specs? It will help me decide whether I will build a NUC/ROCK machine or invest in a Nucleus.

no one can clarify that, because even I don’t know yet :slight_smile:


Danny/Roon want to add real (and perceived) value for the Nucleus. Two features available only to Nucleus users are interfaces with Control4 and Crestron.

Right now, I think, those are the two bits of code not available to ROCK owners, but others may come.

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Haha, fair enough! I won’t worry about that for now then, as I have no need of Crestron control, etc.

Danny, if you had a moment to answer one more question it would help me -

Would a Nucleus (i3) be sufficient given my use case, which is currently:

  • a small library, currently 152 local albums (I’m still ripping CDs and buying Hi-Red files but prob up to 2000 or so max. within the next few years) and currently 739 albums on Tidal but growing more rapidly
  • only 3 or 4 zones in the house but rarely used simultaneously and then probably only max 2 at a time
  • the possibility to run parametric EQ, or convolution for RC on at least one zone
  • no DSD upsampling (Meridian gear so it would be pointless/unnecessary)
  • MQA first unfold

If the i3 is not enough, I could build e.g. a fanless i5 or i7 NUC to run Rock, as my finances can’t run to Nucleus+ right now.


Yes it will do that.

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Thanks, much appreciated :+1:t2:

I use the standard Nucleus. Multiple rooms. 1600+ albums and everything upsampled on my main system to DSD256. Nucleus doesn’t even break a sweat.


Great to know, thanks!

I am asking myself the same question between a Nucleus and Nucleus+ capacity (i3/i7 - 4/8G Ram - 64/128G OS SSD…)
I have few hundreds (400-500) of CD Rips (and less than 30 HiRes Files albums even so could increase)
No DSD at this stage but could come when Qobuz will make them available
But I am just wondering if and how the size of the Tidal/Qobuz streaming library would affect the Roon Core and indirectly the Nucleus CPU ?
I suppose that as Roon is keeping all the references, metadata… and could be affected at the end ? Or not significative ?
Thks for any feedback

See here:

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Sounds clear
Therefore a Nucleus should be sufficient at this stage
I am still looking deeper on the Nucleus (not the +) but also doing a comparative analisis vs the 2018 Mac Mini
The price is globally the same but on one side you get a MM with a i7, 16G of RAM, 128 or 256+Gb of OS SDD, and USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 + 10G Ethernet in option compare to a fully dedicated NUC but with i3, 4Gb of Ram, 64Gb of OS SSD, Ethernet, USB-A and inactive (at least at this stage) Thunderbolt 3
Even so the 2 options are certainly not fully comparative (the Nucleus is totally and fully dedicated to be a music server therefore with its advantages, easy of use and on signal perturbation in particular ), I’m still doubtful taking into account the no price difference for the level of differences on the stability of the Roon Core OS and at the end the SQ our main goal
It’s a discussion that has been shared several time before but not so easy to get a definitive answer

What does 100,000 tracks equate to in terms of albums, roughly speaking?

Rule of thumb seems to be to say about 10 tracks per album…

See this post, which has a comparison chart.

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Thanks, that’s great, hadn’t come across the comparison chart before.