NUC Storage Problems

In your network, ROCK is a painter :wink:

The consequence of accepting the Roon Lab’s default name, I’m afraid. All my other PCs are named after French Impressionists, as I think you’ve twigged…

Balzille, Monet2 and Cassatt are sleeping at the moment.

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Still confused.We are dragging files over to rock/data/storage/ internal storage.

we keep checking both internal drives to see if there is any change in disk space. Both drives M2 show exactly the same amount of available space as before we did the transfer. Does it take time for ROCK to reflect the changes or am I still doing something wrong?

Well, do your files show up in Roon’s library?

yes they are in my library

But why is there no disk usage showing in the configure menu?

When we add an external usb sad it shows up immediately in the storage
menu and it can be added.

The internal drive only shows rock/data/storage/internal storage

I’m sorry, but are you talking about this screen:

That has never showed (by design) the physical storage consumed by your library. If you want to see that, go to the web page for your ROCK appliance:

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Yes that’s the screen I meant. We copied a gig of music over and there was no change in free disk space.

Hi @arthur_Zaretsky ---- I wanted to follow up with you after seeing you response to my post above.

Before we continue forward, I want to just take a step back for a moment to clarify exactly what state you are currently in with your Roon setup. After having read through your most recent posts this is my understanding of the situation…

You have been able to copy content to the internal storage on the NUC hosting ROCK and the media is appearing in your Roon library as expected. However the concern you have is that the drive’s available space is not reflecting any changes based on the amount of content you have added, correct?

Furthermore, it seems like you are verifying that you are looking at ROCK’s web UI in your previous post, in response to Geoff’s question above. Can you please confirm this thought and post a screenshot of ROCK’s web UI so I can see what you are seeing on your end?


I will do that tonight. My Roon Core is at home.

So you copied 1 GB music onto a 4TB drive, in other words filled up 0.025% of the total capacity. I suspect that Roon will be displaying capacity filled in whole number percentages, and therefore rounding that down to 0%…


I will arrive home from work shortly and send a screen sho. Again Thank you.
You wish a screen shot of “System Status”, correct?

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Above is my system status. I haver very few ripped cd’s on the internal storage at this point. What I want to know is if the above setup will begin filling up my 4 TB SSD as time goes by? If above is the correct setup then I can put this “issue” behind.
Thank to all who have chimed in.

Yes, it’s correct. Fill it up and enjoy the music.

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Thank you for the screenshot @arthur_Zaretsky! I agree with @Geoff_Coupe’s post above, add your content and allow yourself to enjoy the full Roon experience. I would recommend letting the transfer completed first, before diving into using Roon.

Happy listening!

Thanks so much to all who helped me get this done. Kudos!

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Wait, so it is working? Ignoring the ROCK factor, I thought I read NUCs only supported up to 2 Tb drives. I didnt buy larger for that reason.

According to @eric_stewart & @Geoff_Coupe it should be working. I am not 100% sure yet, but I do know that I have transferred files to 'internal storage", which should be the 4 TB Samsung 850 SSD drive. Let’s get an opinion from someone more knowledgeable than I.

It says “The largest hard disk that you can currently fit in a NUC is 2TB, and the largest SSD is 4TB (and very expensive).” so maybe that means the largest “spinning” disk is 2TB?

The issue isn’t a capacity one, it is space in the NUC. A 2TB drive is 9mm thick, the maximum you can fit in a NUC. Bigger than that is 15mm thick, too fat for a NUC.

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