NUC Support for USB C / Thunderbolt 3?

(KA) #1


Trying to find out if the USB C / Thunderbolt 3 port works with ROCK?

Anyone tried it recently?

Found an old post from @danny that mentioned it not being supported yet in 2017 but not found anything else.



USB typeC support in Nucleus
(Mr Fix It ) #2

Nothing noted of it with any timeline…so I would not rely on it.

(KA) #3

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Danny Dulai) #4

It does not yet. Still waiting on stable drivers from Intel.

(KA) #5

Wow, that’s taking time.

(Danny Dulai) #6

I would have said they gave up but then the 8th generation devices all shipped with thunderbolt too.

(KA) #7

There have been a few firmware updates flying around, shame they haven’t worked on the drivers too.


Sadly, I think Intel assumes Windows 10 is the only OS users will ever run on the NUCs…

(Vladimir Tereshchenko) #9


Hello, when are you planning to add usb type C support in Nucleus?
I know that correct drivers doesn’t exist, but how long should we wait, an year or more?

I bought very expensive USB type C cable and use it with cheap Baseus adapter which causes SQ loss.

(Paul Whittaker) #10

What USB C cable did you buy?


Not until the NuC boards the Nucleus is based on support it would be my guess and the current stock they use is no longer available.

(Vladimir Tereshchenko) #12

Nordost Frey 2

(Vladimir Tereshchenko) #13

Understood thank you

(Noris) #14

Hi @Vladimir_Tereshchenk,

At this time there’s been no change in status, and we’re still not confident a stable drive exists.

This could change in the future, but for the moment we are not hopefully we’ll be able to enable the USB-C port on Roon OS devices.

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(Vladimir Tereshchenko) #15

Dear Noris,
Thank you!