NUC will not recognize exFAT USB thumb drive

So in 11 hours the copy to the thumb drive has progressed from 14% to 22%, and appears to have stalled as the speed is 0 KBs, at this rate it’s going to take about 4 days :rofl:. This PC is a decent spec, just a couple of years old and I run next to nothing on it and just use it for running things like HQP or other music related apps. At this moment in time, apart from background stuff the only thing running is the copy to the thumb drive.

I’m going to rethink this. There are two other drives in the PC so I’ll abort this copy and start from scratch on one of those… Alternatively I could try to copy the same music files from the HDD drive to the thumb drive.
It’s not like I need this done ASAP so I have plenty of time to play about and hopefully get this to work more efficiently, perhaps even sending the thumb drive back to Amazon and going for a different brand.

Is there a reason for you to be using a Thumb Drive and not a External USB Hard Drive?

A Hard Drive would be faster and also more reliable.


Just to use in different setups. I suppose I could get another Ext HDD but it’s more expensive I guess.

Edit - scratch that about the price. I can get a 1TB HDD for a reasonable price. It’s probably a good idea to have more than one HDD anyway in case the other one dies.

I’m on it!

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Nevertheless, even copying to a thumb drive (and even if it was USB2) should be much faster than this. Something is amiss, and if it’s in the USB subsystem of your PC it might even affect an external HDD/SSD drive

The Windows file copy time estimation is notoriously bad, but in your case it’s fundamentally slow as well, at least with this thumb drive

I’m reasonably confident it is the thumb drive.

I can copy the same music files to my other thumb drive (the one that the ROCK NUC cannot see) in a few hours - I did this the other day.

So I’m in the unfortunate position that the older thumb drive copies files from the PC’s hard drive at a decent speed, but is not detectable on the NUC. And the newer thumb drive is detectable by the NUC but it might be Christmas by the time I got all my music on it, thats assuming it would actually get to the stage of finishing the copy.

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So all now good. 1TB Ext HDD drive copied just under 500GB worth of tunes in just over 90 mins, at an average speed of 90 MB/s. And crucially is recognised by my ROCK NUC. Thanks to all who helped me achieve this.

A question I’d like to throw out there:- On a windows PC and Mac it is recommended to use the “eject” function before physically removing a USB drive from the USB port. I suspect the answer to this might be no, but is there a similar safe way of removing an HDD from a NUC, or from either my SOtM SMS 200 Neo or Mytek Brooklyn Bridge(both of which have USB ports for playing music), or is it just a case of unplugging the cable which is what I do at the moment?

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There isn’t in ROCK. Generally, removing file systems /disks without warning (as with the respective buttons in Windows or macOS) is always a bit risky. As your external drive is formatted as exFAT (as it should be), you will probably get away with it as long as the drive is not being actively written while you do that (and even then you’d most likely at most get truncated files)

With NTFS drives it’s a really bad idea and the NUC should be shut down before doing so. (Which is not much of an issue, given how fast ROCK shuts down and boots)

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Cheers, thanks for that. If I do remove the HDD from the NUC I will now make a point of powering off the NUC. As you say it is very fast to recycle.

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