NUC10i7FNH, bios Aptio FN0055.cap. Cannot enable the Legacy option

NUC10i7FNH, bios Aptio FN0055.cap (latest). Cannot enable the Legacy option in Bios, the Secure Boot is disabled and the Sleep Type Support is set to Legacy S3 Standby.!?
The aim is to upgrade my NUC ROCK from i5 to i7.
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I have a NUC10i7FNB with Bios 055 12/2/2021 and run Roon server w/o any problem. Didn’t even check the BIOS settings before installing Roon Server. Is there a difference to ROCK?

What is the OS? Most modern Linux distros are UEFI compliant so don’t need legacy boot options. ROCK in its present guise does.

check this also??:

I recently installed ROCK in the 10th. gen. NUC, by following these instructions.

Tank you for your tip but I have already complied with all the instructions on this sheet

What threw me for a loop on the NUC10i5FNHN1 I built last week is you can’t actually enable Legacy Boot mode on the Boot tab of the BIOS where it tells you it’s disabled. You have to go into the “Boot Order” sub-menu and change it there.