NUC13 ROCK support?


I’m planning to build a nuc for rock. I saw brand new nuc 13 came out and ofc would like to use that one but also saw current support is limited to 12 series. Any near future plans to onboard version 13?


For Roon to say, of course, but the 12th gen versions were added rather quickly after they were available for testing by Roon. However, if I were you I wouldn’t buy a 13 now, even if Roon says that they plan to support it, because nobody knows how well it will work before it’s tested. Some 12th gen versions were first listed as fully supported but then HDMI issues were found, so this part is now unsupported.


I am also interested in the NUC13 series, specifically the Extreme (NUC13RNGi9). I have 200000 tracks. It appears to have onboard RAID 0/1 with 5 SSD slots in total.

I am curious if it will work at all, and specifically if the built in RAID might work under Linux. (If it’s in the BIOS, I’d have a chance, no?)

I want instantaneous everything. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had any Extreme NUC, so it never been tested. They are a radically different line to the normal NUCs.

If the BIOS makes the RAID invisible to the OS, it may work. If it requires OS cooperation, there is no chance of it working.

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I don’t think the access speed of the music drives is the limiting factor in a RoonServer computer build.

The speed is really needed where the server accesses the library files on the system drive. RAID can be fast, but risky too. Fast NVMe storage or just SSD’s would probably be better than raid for a RoonServer.

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If you want really high performance, I would think it would be best to stick with a full Windows or Linux install.

Enno said in a recent interview that large libraries benefit from more RAM as it keeps the entire database in memory. My library is about 16k albums and the size of my Roon db backup (not recurring but one-shot backup) is about 15gb. I would expect that would roughly be the memory footprint of the Roon db. If someone knows more details here, it would be interesting to know.

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RAM does not make things run faster or better, it’s just a requirement.

Large libraries require more RAM than smaller libraries.

If you aren’t crashing, adding RAM will not help.

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Ok understood. So Enno really meant that for a large library you NEED more RAM.

What is roughly the memory footprint vs library size?

Actually, adding faster RAM (running at higher clock speeds and/or upgrading from single-ch memory to dual-ch memory) does make things run faster. It is just it is not a huge increase (probably single digits % wise).


Faster anything will make things run faster for sure. I suppose that with 300k+ tracks going for a killer Windows or Linux machine will make things better.

@danny I still want to know the RAM footprint of a library vs number of tracks.

it’s not linear. It depends on metadata volume.

Ok so let me rephrase: If a one-shot (ie I tell Roon to create a new backup) is 15GB in size on disk, what would I expect the RAM footprint to be, roughly? It would not be unreasonable the memory footprint to expand given that the 15GB disk version is likely compressed.

If I were running this on a full OS I could easily see the running memory footprint via the OS, but since I run on ROCK, I cannot.

That exercise is theoretically good, but it doesn’t work that way. The vast majority of your DB is imagery, which would consume little to no RAM.

I am not trying to be difficult here. The number/relationship you want is just not available or reliable. I could give you an example of a real-life install, but those types of numbers aren’t satisfying since they wouldn’t give you any real confidence that you could predict someone else’s situation.

The reality is simple, though:

  1. Crashing on startup due to being out of memory on Roon OS? If so, add RAM.
  2. Crashing on startup due to being out of memory on Windows/MacOS/Linux, or hitting swap? If so, add RAM or close other programs.

I started with NUC13, dropped to NUC12 before finding out HDMI is a mess, then settled on a NUC11TNHi7. Be sure to buy the TN series NUC11 as this model works perfectly and Akasa makes a fanless case for it (Turing). So speaking from experience, just buy this one and be done with it. Plenty of juice for some heavy DSP action if you’re into that and runs super cool as a fanless unit in the Turing case.


Just wanted to say that I set up a NUC13 ROCK today and everything worked perfectly!


Specifically, which NUC model number?



Great :slight_smile: Does HDMI show up in setting?