NUC7i7BNH ROCK Core Drop connection and Static while playing music

Dear Roon:

I just setup my NUC7i7BNH with ROCK.
During the initial scanning on NAS to build the library, when I play music (got a little impatient), often times, the Roon remote will indicate cannot find the Roon Core on the NUC, needs to reconnect.
Moreover, time to time, I will hear static or clicks in the middle of playing the tracks.
I have Gigabit LAN hardwired Gigabit connection NAS–>Roon Core (NUC)–>Devialet AIR (Expert 200)

I waited the library finished building, but problem still exists, not as often (maybe one Core drop out after I play two albums, and static/clicks every other 10 tracks or so) though.
I do notice Audio Analysis still on going. Set to one or four cores still give me the same experience.

Do I need to wait until the Audio Analysis is done?

Anything I should do?
I do notice some other thread mentioned LAN Port bonding on the NAS side casued the issue, and I am not using LAN Port Bonding, just using ONE LAN Port on the NAS (DS1815+).

Please help

I would either wait until the analysis is done, or, set the analysis to OFF and see if the issue persists. If it doesn’t, then you know the analysis was the cause, and I would advice turning the analysis ON overnight and then turning it off when using Roon; until the process is finished.

I will just let it finish the analysis for now and report back if the problem is resolved.
Thanks for your suggestion

Problem seems to be resolved after library build and Audio Analysis!
Good job Roon!

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Glad to hear. Closing the thread.