NUC8i3BEH Hosed after update 1.0.221 [resolved]

NUC8i3BEH was running Roon just fine; I can’t log into Roon to find out which version I was running. It’s connected via ethernet to an Orbi satellite with a 5 tb external HDD (non-SSID) attached.

I used the Roon-approved package from Amazon.

Also, ROCK is not showing up on my browser, like it used to. There is no music on the SSD, and Roon cannot find a core at all.

I’m not a computer expert. Can you guys please post step by step instructions as to what to do?

I do not have a monitor available. WHAT DO I DO NOW PLEASE!!!

I think you have to wait for Roon to come up with a fix for this defective update.

Man, this is really frustrating. I rely on Roon as my only playback system. I’ll refrain from venting; it seems like many others have this problem.

I really hope that the fix requires minimal surgery on my ROCK. I had to borrow a monitor to build it, and in these COVID times, it’s not possible to do that now. :frowning:

Tough without a monitor. You could try to reload the operating system etc. from scratch, but yeah, monitor and keyboard are pretty much a necessity.

You gotta have a TV with an HDMI input!

Good point! I guess I could do it that way. The NUC has an HDMI output, right?

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I haven’t used my NUC today and luckily I saw the posts on the issues before I did. Think I will wait it out. Do you happen to know about the BIOS update I’ve seen mentioned in the posts? I’m using whatever BIOS was current last July when doing the original build.

Not going to boot the NUC to find out as that would probably trigger the update.

Yes, that’s how you connect a monitor to it. The only issue I had was my schmancy ergonomic Microsoft keyboard wouldn’t work - I had to go to Best Buy for one of those cheapy $10 keyboards.

No, sorry I don’t. I’m out of town this week and returning home Saturday. I certainly hope Roon gets this sorted out by then. I see lots of people with a Nucleus have the same problem. My Nucleus is running 24/7 and I don’t recall if it gets updates automatically or not. I also don’t remember is there is an option to refuse an update. I would hate like hell to get home only to find my Nucleus bricked.

Happily, I do have a USB keyboard to use. I just hope Roon sorts this out quickly.

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The NUC does not auto update, it needs a click from the user to begin

Don’t know, but I wouldn’t do too many updates at the same time.

Not sure about the Nucleus but I’m assuming it works like NUC, a user click is required.

I too am waiting this one out. Listened to that inner voice this morning when I saw the update message and thought “NUC update? Naah… don’t need to go first on this one” :smiley:

I should have looked on the board before blissfully unawarely updating. Now, no Roon at all…

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I was curious myself and had a look at all the versions in “About Roon” - and my NUC immediately, unasked, started updating so I was fearing the worst. But, it seems I was lucky because my NUC came up again, on build 221. Phew…

So it’s not an unmitigated disaster for everyone - I suppose it very much depends on what exact version of NUC you have. Mine’s a NUC7i7BNH, which at some time was on the Roon list of supported models.