Nucleus Abrupt Music Stop

I’ve experienced three abrupt halts in playback today on my Nucleus. Happens on both Qobuz and local files. Playback stops, the Roon interface freezes and becomes unresponsive. After a while the Roon interface goes away and I’m left with a white screen with the Roon logo in the center, Then after waiting for a while the interface finally returns, but it’s in pause mode and I have to click Play to start the music again. I’m also on 1.8.


Hi @Gerald_Schrader ,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Nucleus Web UI? Do you notice RoonServer also stopping or is the WebUI still accessible and shows RoonServer as running?

When you say web UI, do you mean the main Roon user interface, or do you mean the Nucleus web admin page (at the Nucleus IP address)? When the user interface freezes and then changes to a white page with the Roon logo, the admin page shows that the server software has just restarted.

I’m guessing you wanted a shot of my web admin page - here it is:

Three more abrupt halts today. Each time the server software reboots and returns the user interface to where it left off, although it’s in pause mode and I have to press Play to restart playback.

Well, Sunday was a “good” day - only one server software crash and restart today.

Hi @Gerald_Schrader

The next time this happens please make a note of the time it occurs. We’ll enable diagnostics and take a look at what’s occurring.


Thanks! No crashes so far today but I’ll be sure to let you know of any additional crashes.

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