Nucleus always on mains supply?

At this moment there is 1 power switch for all my audio components including the Nucleus, for safety and convenience.
It would be very practical to edit Roon playlists when my audio system is off but since everything happens in the Nucleus (instead of any on-line app) this needs to be On.
My question is if it is a good idea to keep the Nucleus “always on” and this does not increase the chance on safety issues or shortened lifetime of the Nucleus.

The thing that shortens a PC’s life span other than heat is power cycling. So as long as it runs cool, leaving it on is fine.

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I hope you’re not just killing power to your Nucleus, it needs to always be properly shut down from the web GUI to prevent possible database corruption. Roon recommend it be left running 24/7 as automatic metadata updates (downloads) happen periodically in the background. I would re-arrange your power distribution to leave it running. Wake on LAN is possible, but not fully supported.

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My Nucleus has been on since I got it a year ago. I’ve rebooted a few times. I have it set to automatically backup at 4am every morning to a USB drive.

Hm, wrong assumption from my side then that turning off its power equals switching of the nucleus power switch.
Guess it will be 24/7 on from now on then

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From Danny

And I believe the following would apply to the Nucleus too…

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Never just kill the power on computers - like Roon Rock or Nucleus. There is database running and it need to be turned on gracefully before shutdown. That happens using the physical power button on NUC Rock and Nucleus (this is actually quite rare - usually in computers you need to do this from the operating system/application) Or you can do it from Roon WebGUI.

Pulling to power chord (or using a switch in a power chord) is like pulling a carpet from under your feet while you are walking. You might survive it, but there is a strong possibility of an injury. (=database corruption and your Roon is toast) Make sure your backups are in place.

I just leave the Roon Rock on always for convenience and it has quite low power consumption anyways.

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Yup! Leave it switched on. It never gets hot.

Unlike the planet… :hot_face:

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Get a simple surge protector and move your Core to that or even a tiny “desktop” UPS (usually gives you ~5 min to shut things downs in an organized way). You don’t want it plugged directly into the wall but, yes, leave it on all the time as that is healthier for the machine anyway (as others have already pointed out).

Am in New Hampshire, could use some heat now.

“Live, Freeze, and Die”


Winter’s nothing like the summer!

Summer in Johannesburg :cry: most days we get a massive thunderstorm

leaving kit on is a major risk. Some years back I lost a large quantity of my hifi when a neighbors tree took a hit nearby, lightning ran down a phone line and blew my entire network

My core PC is powered down daily often twice !!

I would love to leave it on 24/7

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