Nucleus and devolo

I’m thinking of buying a Nucleus to stop using my Bac Book Air as a core. However, I don’t have the possibility to connect the Nucleus directly to the reuter. I could only connect it to a Devolo powerline adapter (the dLan 1200+). Would that work?

Power line adapters aren’t recommended by roon.the choice would be up to you.

Slap my wrist but I have used them without any issue with Roon and other connections for years.

No way to rejig your network to allow a direct connection?

For a direct connection I would need an ethernet cable of about 12 meters. I have many doubts about how the signal would arrive and about the investment I would have to make in the cable to guarantee quality.

Sorry, Gary. Just to confirm: you have used Roon Nuclueus connected to a Devolo adapter?

You are far more likely to have problems with powerline adapters than with 12m of standards compliant ethernet cabling; however either are likely to be fine and neither should be expensive.

Mesh WiFi is an alternative if you can place a node next to the core and hard wire to that.

Also… I guess we’re all assuming that you intend to connect your core to your DAC using usb. Is that so?

Thank you, Andy. Indeed the idea is to connect the Nucleus directly to the DAC via a USB cable

No I run Mac mini with Roon on that throughout the house to different points using power plugs for Ethernet. Never had a problem feeding devialet, NAD and Apple TV as endpoints.

Continuing the discussion from Nucleus and devolo:

Andy, would a standard ethernet cable be sufficient to connect at Nucleus directly to the reuter? Wouldn’t I need a good quality one?

Power plugs are really variable. Fine for some, useless for others. And if you are a hifi aesthete they pollute the mains something terrible.
Cat 6 allows for a 90m run so 12m is no problem at all.

I’m with Ged here. Standard UTP (unshielded twisted pair - shielded is more likely to actually bring more problems than it solves in a home use) ethernet is fine.

If you already have the Devolo, try it. Buy a 15m patch cable anyway and see if it makes any difference. Such a cable is always useful for troubleshooting later!

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Any branded cable will be fine. Amazon, belkin anything really.
Your internet and streamed music are brought to you with standard cabling.

Any standard one will be good enough.

I’ve been using a couple of Devolvo adapters for about 2 years to connect between upstairs (which is where the broadband line comes in so the router is upstairs) and downstairs where the Mac Mini running Roon Core sits.

Mac Mini connects to main endpoint via network cable (via network switch) and to other 5 other endpoints (upstairs and downstairs) via Wifi.

So fasr, not had any problems. Had planned to install a network cable to link upstairs and downstairs but it’s been a low priority because it has all worked fine.

I’ve been using TP-Link powerline adapters for some time with no problem.

Thank you all very much for your help. I’ll try the Devolo first because I already have it. In case it doesn’t work, I’ll use a standard 12m ethernet cable and if nothing else works, I’ll just add one more satellite to my Orbi mesh network. This would be the result of your advice!

12 metres? Is that all? That’s not a problem. I have Cat 5e UTP runs of 20 - 30 metres and simple switches. No issues here.

Boasting again Geoff!

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Couldn’t help it… :grinning: