Nucleus and HDMI

I have a Roon Nucleus, connected to Rotel amp and B & W 803’s. Love the Roon, but constant reliability issues. We have had it connected via USB, and are going to try connecting via HDMI. Would HDMI potentially help with issues where Nucleus seems to not work reliably (stays “asleep”, has to be unplugged, and so on). Thank you!

My Roon Nucleus works well using both ethernet and HDMI connection to Oppo 203. I have never tried a USB connection.

I have a NUC/Rock (DYI Nucleus) with HDMI to Denon 8500H for multi-channel playback. I have not experienced the issue you mentioned with any of the Roon endpoints. It continues to play until I stop it.

What device are you using for the Roon Remote access to control the Nucleus?

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Hi @Clifford_Sethness,

What symptoms are you experiencing? Does playback fail to start? Does the issue impact both local and streaming content? Does the issue impact multiple zones? Have you tried another USB cable/port?

On Saturday, it was playing fine, and then suddenly stopped–saying “Roon has Lost Connection.” It would not restart.
Today, we replaced the USB with and HDMI, and for now, it is working.

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Btw, I am using an iPad to direct the music.

Hi @Clifford_Sethness,

Was this a lost connection from the Core or lost connection to the device?
As in, was the Roon app still working as expected during this time?
In any case, do let us know if you run into any more issues!

Roon Nucleus was running, reggae music was bumping. Suddenly, in mid-beat—“Roon has Lost Connection.” End of music. Thanks.

Hi @Clifford_Sethness,

It is important to note if the Roon UI was still working when you saw this message, was this just Roon lost connection to the audio device or to the Core completely?

Is the Nucleus Web UI still accessible when this issue occurs? Can you share a screenshot of what it looks like on your end?

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