Nucleus and Naim Atom

Can I connect the Nucleus directly to the Naim atom with HDMI, without WiFi or network cable.

HI Paul,

Not official support. But, just to note, the Nucleus needs to be connected to the network, preferably by ethernet.

As for connecting the Nucleus to the Naim with HDMI, I would suggest reviewing the documentation for each device, but, it should work.


Hey @Paul_de_Leng,

It’s been quite some time since you’ve posted this thread - I am so sorry we’re so late to reply. It’s definitely not what we had hoped.

In the meantime, I was wondering, did you get a chance to get your setup set up? Can we help with anything?

I know the Nucleus must be connected to the network.
I mean, can I connect the Nucleus directly with HDMI A or B to the Naim Atom.

Why would you want to do that at all? The Naim Atom is Roon Ready and sounds fantastic via it not sure it would via HDMI. Also not sure it will work as the HDMI on it is designed for ARC use rather than regular HDMI input. As you need network for Roon to work though use it’s Roon Ready network input as its optimised to sound it’s best for network playback. Also it’s limited to 48khz via it as that’s all it supports