Nucleus and Naim Muso


I am new to this forum and I’m trying to connect my Naim Muso to Nucleus by wifi but it just wouldn’t show up in the Roon audio devices list. (It does show up in my wifi network though).
I know that Airplay2 devices used to be not supported by Roon some time ago, but this has been fixed by an update last year, hasn’t it? So, since I have bought my Nucleus only days ago, shouldn’t the Airplayfix be on it anyways? If not, how do I get it?


Airplay 2 is not supported. That hasn’t changed. I believe they fixed some issues for devices that support both Airplay 1/2.

Hello Nepherte,

I was referring to this thread from November, where it says the new Roon version 1.5 works fine with Naim Muso:
Using Roon with Naim Mu-So
So I don’t see why my Nucleus doesn’t list the Muso, as it even has Roon 1.6.


The thread you refer to doesn’t suggest that support for Airplay 2 was added. Merely that Roon was having trouble with devices that recently got support for AirPlay 2 (from their respective manufacturers), while already supporting AirPlay 1. Roon fixed that in an update so that those devices work again (with AirPlay 1).

To clarify, this is by no means a statement that your Naim wouldn’t or shouldn’t work. Simply that Roon doesn’t support AirPlay 2.

Your Muso should work fine. Others on here have been using them, but there is a bug with audio volume getting set to 100% via airplay.

I would imagine its not showing up, due to some network discovery issue. Do you have any other endpoints in your system that the Nucleus sees or is that the only one? I would ensure that both your wired and wireless network are operating on the same subnet of your network. To check this you need to find the IP addresses of both and check that the first 3 numbers of the 4 are the same e.g 192.168.1 . If they are not the same then the Muso and Nucleus are essentially.on two different networks and Roon cannot traverse this to find endpoints. If they are the same then it might be some other network issue. Can you connect to the nucleus using phone or tablet via wireless? Try restarting your network gear this sometimes can help, power off all network devices then bring them back up one at a time with the router being the first.

I am playing the Muso unit along with some Sonos devices, and the Muso IP adress fits perfectly in with the others.
What I just did is to rename the Muso zone name in the Muso setup (Naim app) because it happened to have the same name as one of the Sonos devices. For whatever reason, now the Muso device is listed by Roon the way it should be. So Roon obviously can’t handle redundant zone names.
Thanks for your responses.


Hello @Chris111,

Glad to hear you’re up and running again after renaming the Muso zone to something different from your Sonos zone. I am not sure why having the same name would case issues with it showing up, I can ask QA to look into this further but either way glad to hear that the renaming has resolved the issue!


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