Nucleus and security

So unfortunately, my previous thread was closed so I have to start again.

I have a whole house audio system managed by Control4 and I was hoping to integrate the Roon system (currently running on a Synonology NAS) into it. However I just discovered that the only way to do that is if I do in fact buy a Nucleus.

However, from reading the White Paper, Roon seems to be very cagey about their OS implementation and in particular they make the following comment:

How exactly does this work? I’m running (or at least doing my best to run) a very secure internal network and the last thing I need is a box that allows communication from the outside with (in principle) the ability to access the rest of my network. What protocol is being used once the discovery is done? Is SSH involved?

Does the server software running on other platforms (like Synology or Mac/Windows) also communicate back with Roon?

Yes they all phone home to be able to validate licensing. The communication is limited to user stats, and logs they can stimulate it to upload diagnostics to there servers. They dont access your network.

Neither do any of my IoT devices - until they get hacked (sigh)

I guess I’ll have to get a Nucleus and firewall it away from other machines except the Control4 devices (which are already on their own vlan)

Keep in mind that all your devices (endpoints, remotes, cores) would have to be on the same subnet and vlan, otherwise they won’t be able to see eachother (unless you’re willing to venture into #tinkering territory).

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That topic had run its course, this is a different question so merits a new topic.

Only Roon will be able to respond with authority so I’ve moved this topic to #support.


Yes, it’s the identical method. We can get logs and stuff this way, or turn on more verbose logging.