Nucleus and streaming NAS

Recently bought a Linn DS Akurate streamer and the Roon Nucleus. I am looking for a CD ripping NAS, but so far have only come across units that duplicate the server in the Nucleus ( examples Innuos, Naim Uniti Core). My set up is limited as the Linn does not have a digital input, so the CD ripping device has to be on network and be viewable as such. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

Use a computer you already have to rip discs and copy them to the nucleus, you’ll be paying for hardware thats just as capable as the Nucleus otherwise. There is nothing turnkey that’s not a server of some sorts itself. The innuous mini is the closest you’ll get as its under specced for running Roon but can do it if your doing nothing fancy. If you have the will and time building your own ripping station might be the simplest and more cost effective solution, which is quite easy to do. I did it buy recycling an old nettop added a usb cd drive and installed vortexbox os as its easy to setup and has an auto ripper built in. You could use an old laptop or any computer you may have lying around or buy something off the shelf does not need to be a powerhouse.

Thanks Simon. Pardon my ignorance but how do I copy ripped CDs to the nucleus? I must admit I am at heart “an analogue”.

Its all here

From a Windows PC


From a Mac


Be sure to replace NUCLEUS with NUCLEUSPLUS if you have a Nucleus+