Nucleus Arrived! And I can no longer use Roon

No “Quick Start Guide” included. Installed SSD. Start the Roon app and it asks me to choose a server. I choose a server. Takes me to Roon which asks me to log in. Then it says welcome back, you are already logged in. So I go back, there is no longer any music in Roon. There were 15,000 songs yesterday. It doesn’t see any music on the machine I have the app installed on. I would like to put all my music on the SSD on the Nucleus, that’s what I got it for. I am completely lost. If anyone offers any help, please start from the very beginning. (insert smiley face emoji here).

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Hi @Dennis_Kaniger,

This should help, just take it one step and a time …


Hi @Dennis_Kaniger,

Ben with the support team here, welcome to the community! And congrats on your new Nucleus. @Carl has shared the exact article I would share. Let me know if you still have any questions after going through the process! :+1:

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Benjamin, thank you for your reply. Tried following directions on the page Carl suggested. I could not get the address correct/accepted so I copied the backup to a USB thumb drive and loaded it onto the Nucleus. Only one third of my library made it over and that is what Roon on my laptop then saw. I could play nothing- Roon just sat “Too many errors to play”. I am recreating my library into Roon just now and will start over. As I will not have enough room on the USB thumb this time, can I not simply plug the laptop directly to Nucleus via USB port? Very frustrated.

No - that won’t work. As both your laptop and the Nucleus are connected to your home network, you can copy music files and folders over the network to your Nucleus.

There is a Nucleus manual here:

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Manual, yes, thank you Geoff. Am in the third hour of initializing backup just now. When that is done, I will give it another try. Using the Migrating to Nucleus instructions from the manual.

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Day two of Roon and Nucleus. Restoring Backup. Initializing… Eighth hour. I do not believe this is correct.

Hi @Dennis_Kaniger,

Thanks for following up! You are correct in that it certainly shouldn’t take 8 hours to initialize.

Good news is we were able to enable diagnostic mode on your Nucleus, and are able to review a fresh Roon Server diagnostic report. From that, we’re seeing repeating network errors and drops in connection, which may be playing a part in your issue.

How do you have the Nucleus connected to your router/network? Can you temporarily get a direct ethernet connection setup, bypassing all network gear, with a direct connection to your router?

More good news is we’re not seeing any signs of hardware issues or failure, so I’m confident we can get you setup and rolling smoothly in no time! :+1:

Hello Benjamin and Roon Staff- The Nucleus is plugged by ethernet into a mesh node of the StarLink router (anybody looking for an internet provider that goes down 3 to 5 times every day should look into StarLink).

Currently, running the Roon Server off a MacBook Pro. After the backup, if I set the Nucleus as the server and looked at the few files that showed up there, they all said in red, ‘file corrupted’ and nothing would play. When I went back to the MacBook as the server, files would play (I have them playing into a HiFi Rose 130). And, some of the file locations are listed as being on the Nucleus!

I believe I would like to re-initialize the SSD in the Nucleus before proceeding.

Any help appreciated, Yours Truly, totally confused

Hi @Dennis_Kaniger,

Thanks for the report! Good news here is the SSD doesn’t seem to show any signs of issue or failure.

Are you able to navigate to your Roon Settings>Library>Skipped tracks, and review all your corrupt files?

What file format are the tracks showing as corrupt?

It appears that Roon is having a tough time analyzing the file format of said tracks. Do you use any third-party app’s for analyzing your files by chance, like dbpoweramp?

Hello- They are all MP3 loaded from iTunes. Loaded into iTunes probably as much as 15 years ago. They play through Roon on the MacBook, just did not make it over to the Nucleus. They were taken off CDs back when computers had CD drives.

I’ve had problems with old MP3 files - sometimes they can cause problems with the decoder used in the Nucleus.

If you have something like dBpoweramp, you can batch convert the files either into new MP3 versions or into FLAC format.

Hmm- second time today dBpoweramp has occurred. I’ll have to look into it, That you Geoff

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dBpoweramp installed and formatted all music files to FLAC. SSD in Nucleus One reformatted. Now I would like to start over with the Nucleus migration, but, the folder containing all the new FLAC formatted files still contains all the old MP3, Apple MP4 and so on. I do not need 3 copies of the same file in different formats but there is certainly room for them on the SSD. How will Roon handle having these different formats of the same files?

This has been a good exercise in getting to know Roon before I begin adding new music, which I would like to begin doing.

Personally, I would just copy the FLAC files to the SSD. Roon expects an album to be represented by a folder containing the files representing the tracks. Having multiple copies of tracks in different formats in an album folder will likely lead to tears at bedtime.

Yes! Exactly why I have not begun. There are 11,500 folders each with a minimum 3 files in different formats. Some of those folders are playlists that contain hundreds of files in different formats.

So how do I only move the FLAC files to Roon to create a clean backup for the Nucleus?

I haven’t used dbPoweramp to convert but I would be surprised if it doesn’t have a conversion option to save the FLAC files in a different folder hierarchy instead of the same folders as the mp3s

Yup - it does.

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Oh boy, :), begin again. Thank you guys

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First use the Music Convertor to set the output folder naming. Then you can use the Batch Convertor to do everything in one fell swoop and create a duplicate hierarchy for your new files…