Nucleus+ Backup Error on Network

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus+ G2
OS version 1.0 build 186
Labs Software version 1.0 build 12
Server Software version 1.7 build 528

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Local Library (~87,000 tracks ALAC)
8TB WD HDD connected via USB to
iMac 32GB RAM and OS Mojave
This is also location of Roon backups

Local library shared over SMP network via MESH Google WiFi broadband
Speed test internet - 29Mbps DL, 3.8 Mbps UL

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Oppo UDP-205 via USB or WiFi (I use both connection types depending on DSP needs)

iPad and iPhone as remotes and as endpoints

Description Of Issue

Nucleus+ backup continuously errors. It will prepare the backup then error. Attached is the error message. To see if there was a network path issue, I created a new folder on the shared network for the new backup, deleted the old backup (both scheduled and “backup now”. The backup folder is on the same drive as the shared folder containing the music (but not in the same folder). Streaming music works, so the network is connected but backups error.

Hi @Kristofa,

I’ve activated diagnostics for your Nucleus and what this action does is automatically upload a log set to our servers for analysis.

I am seeing an issue with the drive location, can you confirm if backups are still working as expected to other locations? If you try to plug in a USB drive to the Nucleus, can you successfully perform a backup there?

I reformatted a 1TB WD USB 1.0 or 2.0 drive to exFAT and plugged it into the back of the Nucleus, but it is not finding it. My Mac finds it easily.

Hi @Kristofa,

If you access the Nucleus Data folder via Mac’s Connect to Server and navigate to /RoonServer/Data/Storage, do you see the drive appear there?

I don’t think so? Attached are three images for guidance:

Hi @Kristofa,

Thanks for the screenshots. That’s strange, usually a USB connected storage device would pop up under the Storage folder. If you connect the original drive again or another USB drive, do you see it pop up in the Storage folder properly?

I found a 16GB thumb drive that I was able to format exFAT, and the Nucleus finds that. I re-checked the other USB drive to make sure I formatted it exFAT and even added a file to it to see if the Nucleus needed that, but it still cannot see that drive.

Regardless, I am hoping I can network it to the same drive that my library is on, as it seemed to work in the past and it finds my music library okay.


Okay, I think I found out what it was.

When attempting to edit permissions for the external drive that holds my library and Roon Backups folder, I noticed I was locked out. This is a very recent problem, and I am unsure why this happened, as I have not unplugged this drive in a long time.

I had to shut down the Nucleus+ because it was connected via network to the external HDD and wouldn’t let me eject it from my iMac. After I shut it down, I disconnected the drive, unplugged the HDD, waited 10 seconds, and replugged it in to the iMac. It allowed me to reset permissions on the drive from “Read Only” to “Full Access” why/how this was changed, I don’t know.

I checked the drive for full access (dragging a file onto it from desktop). I then rebooted the Nucleus+ and started a backup.

The backup is at 15% and counting!

Perhaps the horrid high pitched sound was connected to this network impasse in some way. I will update this ticket when it stops analyzing/backing up and can hear the Nucleus+ in a steady state.

I will update this ticket when that happens, so PLEASE don’t close it yet.

Thanks, Noris!

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Hi @Kristofa,

Glad to hear you were able to narrow down the issue to the permissions!

Roger that, leaving the ticket open until I hear back from you.

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