Nucleus+ can't see my HFS+ USB drive connected to it

I received my Nucleus+ today. My existing Roon setup was a Mac mini with an 8TB external hard drive formatted as HFS+ that contained all of my music files. I connected this drive via USB 3 to the Nucleus+. However it does not appear when I navigate to “Choose Music Storage”, nor is it viewable in Finder on my Mac when I select nucleusplus->Data->Storage. From the user guide it would seem that just plugging in the drive would allow files to be read from (but not written to) such a drive. What should I try next to get my hard drive readable from the Nucleus+?

I don’t know for sure but I bet the Nucleus can’t read a device formatted as HFS+.

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NFS+ is clearly supported read only here

Thank you for your help John and Ged. It turns out my disk format was not HFS+, but rather the new APFS. I have formatted a new drive as exFAT and that drive can be used on both my MAC and the Nucleus+. Now it’s just a question of copying 2.5 TB of music.


it should also be noted that HFS+ support is read-only.

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