Nucleus chassis upgrade coming?

I’ve heard that there may be a new chassis design for Nucleus. Is there any truth to this?

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Curious to know myself.
While they are at it Intel is up to NUC 10

I would consider it if they brought the hardware upto date.

not that I know of… and I’m the one responsible for that type of change :slight_smile:


What about an internal NUC board change to bring it up to date?

We have no desire to change something that works well. The NUC8 and NUC10 lines are bad for Nucleus. Too much TDP for what it delivers, unstable drivers, short-life boards, etc…

If you are chasing specs, build it yourself and use ROCK. If you want something turnkey and foolproof get a Nucleus.

We spec these boxes for stability and performance on live systems, and we upgrade when we find something better. We work with Intel to test every NUC, and we feel that nothing right now is better than what we currently use.


Fair enough reply.

That said, I would like a blue one.
With gold stripes.

Thank you @danny for the information. You have removed all doubt about a hardware change I have ordered a new Nucleus (it’s back ordered by the way) and will purchase a lifetime subscription in a few days . John Kaster

Back ordered? What about the Nucleus+ ?

@greggl, I did not order the Nucleus+. Do you have one of those on back order?

Sorry about that… they are going as fast as we can make them. Upping supply chain capacity is always difficult, but during COVID-19 it’s a whole different level.

Some dealers buy some inventory in advance, which helps with availability… the non-US distributors tend to buy in batches too. There seems to always be a couple on Amazon as well.

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I have not gotten around to ordering one yet.

Is there inventory of the Plus on your end? My dealer has you drop ship.

I think we are out of all devices right now… waiting for a ship to arrive with the next batch. Various dealers have inventory and it looks like Amazon has some in stock too.

Where/who is your dealer?

My friends at AV Options - they are the best.

I thought production was moved back here to US?

No problem waiting as I’m not ready yet - too many other HiFi purchases this month (dCS is expensive :laughing:). Core still happily running on my 27" iMac with internal ssd hd.

ah yes, Nick!

Assembly is in California, and most of the components are purchased from distributors in the US. However, the chassis and power supply are still from overseas.

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