Nucleus connected directly to Anthem receiver via HDMI keeps losing connection to receiver

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero router connected to Netgear GS105 switch. Nucleus connected from switch

Connected Audio Devices

Anthem MRX 720 receiver

Number of Tracks in Library

430 albums

Description of Issue

I keep losing connection to Nucleus getting a “no signal” from my receiver. I disconnect everything & restart router & get connection back for awhile but then eventually always goes back to no signal. Roon is playing according to my iPad control but no communication between Nucleus & receiver.

Router should not have anything to do with the HDMI connection between Nucleus and receiver.

If you’re disconnecting/reconnecting the HDMI cable during your recovery procedure that might be what is restarting the connection.

What happens if you just power cycle the receiver or Nucleus.

Are you using the HDMI0 entry in the Settings Audio?

What does your Setting Audio display look like when it quits working?

What happens if you just power cycle the receiver or Nucleus.

  • Nothing changes when I try this, it does not correct the problem. It does seem that when I power everything off then pull HDMI cable from Nucleus & reinstall cable that it resets everything & works fine for awhile but eventually goes back to “no signal” on receiver display….however I did notice yesterday that when I powered off the Nucleus it turned my TV on! ….TV is connected from receiver via Xbox so I must have some connections wrong in back of receiver.
    Not sure what HDMI0 setting is……it’s been awhile since I’ve set up receiver & this issue just started. Going to pull receiver today & check connections on back & any suggestions will be appreciated…I’ve upgraded old audio equipment & moved to this new gear & have used online instruction & video to learn equipment & set things up but to be honest I am struggling. I thought all of this would be a nice upgrade as a music lover but has just been a major source of frustration….thank you for your help

This sounds to me like HDMI handshake issues somewhere in the chain of devices. Sometimes these can be cured by trying different cables, but I had to go one step further…

Could you post a screen shot of your Roon - Settings - Audio. Here is a screen shot of my Audio settings.

Connected to Core should show HDA Intel PCH HDMI0 - HDMI4. I used HDMI0 and renamed it LR Denon NUC/HDMI.

Hey @Geoff_Coupe, I remember that issue very well.

It wasn’t a dropout as in losing the connection. The music stumbled/stuttered along going in and out. While the stuttering was happening the HDMI symbol on the receiver display would blink off and on with the issue. Circumstances on this end led me to believe the LG TV, with a USB powered LED light strip on the back of the TV, was trying to pull power over the HDMI circuit.

When I removed the USB powered LED light strip from the TV the problem went away.

I hope this helps I couldn’t get whole page in.

I had just this problem with a Nucleus connected by HDMI to an Anthem MRX 710.
Total loss of sound and no signal showing on the front panel.

I traced this to an Anthem HDMI out connection to a new TV. I got round it by connecting all video HDMI feeds direct into the TV and sound only into the Anthem via HDMI from UB9000 and Oppo 105D. TV optical sound into the Anthem.
With the HDMI out from the Anthem removed the Roon connection worked. I am listening to it now…

What actually caused the problem I don’t know but it was present even with the TV switched off.

What was the name on the core connection before it was enabled?

Just curious since mine has so many options listed there. I thought it was always the HDMI0 - HDMI4. Maybe Roon has changed something there.

As mentioned above I had issues with the HDMI zone early on in 2019. Denon X8500H with NUC/ROCK and LG OLED 65 inch screen. I had a usb powered LED back light strip that turned on and off with the TV.

Strange situation, with Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI cable the situation was really bad and it was unusable, the music continued to play but warbled and stuttered and the HDMI indicator on the receiver blinked/flashed on/off with the sound issues. With an old HDMI cable I had laying around it worked most of the time with occasional single dropouts and flash of the HDMI indicator.

One dark evening I started playing music with the TV off and as soon as the HDMI connection was made the USB light strip lit up with the TV powered off. It appears the TV internal circuits was drawing power from the HDMI port to power the USB port. I disconnected the USB light strip and the problem disappeared.

I have all video/audio equipment connected to the Denon and it works as it should now with the USB light strip removed.

I am connected to a Nucleus version 2, the one with 2 HDMI outs.
The Roon settings/audio connected to core shows as Nucleus HDMI A and Nucleus HDMI B.

I also had a MediaLight USB powered light strip on the back of the TV, but powered from its own power brick, not powered from the TV.

I am using Kimber HD-19E cables which have always been rock solid in performance.

I have receiver pulled out of cabinet & have found HDMI out cable was in HDMI out ARC which I think was my switching the TV on problem….also found “Audio Quest Ocean” cable from Nucleus (using HDMI2 on receiver) is directional & I had it installed backwards…haven’t put everything back yet as I’m reconfiguring to give receiver more breathing room & accessibility. I appreciate all of the help & input here which caused me to look at things that I may not have on my own …open to any further suggestions or comments while I have everything out & apart & hoping I’ve resolved issue?? So helpful to hear everyone else’s experiences so thanks to all!

I remember those days, having to pull the equipment out or reaching over while holding a mirror to view the rear connections.

At one time I had a tall component rack that just did fit in the door frame of a 24" wide closet space and had to pull everything out to reconfigure. It was a pain in the butt.

I was lucky with the closet location and my wife let me install a second door from the back side to allow easy access to the rear of the component rack.

Hope you have ti figured out. Lots of folks on this forum willing to help out when/if you need it.

That sounds like a great setup…I’m basically going to move receiver to outside & on top of cabinet…this moves turntable to a less functional area but I only use that a couple of times a year since I’ve become sooo spoiled having ALL music so available at the press of a button. I will let you know if this reconfiguration works out when I’m done. I will have to buy a new HDMI cable to accommodate new location & also I’ve realized that I am missing some of the fun & purpose of owning some of this equipment by making it so difficult to try different setups so from here on out receiver/cables will be easily accessed

As far as the people on this forum, I’ve received more help here then I get from manufacturers support….by far! I mean it! I’ve just ran that gauntlet….also…I need to assume some responsibility for more thoroughly learning my own equipment so it’s nice to have you people to talk to since the manuals just say what it is & does but aren’t able to describe how equipment interacts together….so far realizing my problems are MY problems

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That sounds like a good thing to do. Easier access and proper ventilation.

And yes, at least for me, setup and accessibility is a big deal. I chose the built in route for appearance and my wife is happy with that. I’ve had the big whole wall cabinet look that was fun when I was younger but a pain to get inside or behind for wire routing and connections.

That closet I mentioned earlier became our climate controlled media closet with a separate isolated 20amp power source. All the wiring for a 7.2.6 speaker arrangement runs through the walls and terminates into wall plates in the closet. I use 2 foot cables from receiver to the wall connections, except for the subs (sub cables run through the walls but direct connection only for those). Also have the whole house Ethernet and cable wiring routed to that location with the Network equipment. Single cable run from pole drop to connection panel in the closet along with Ethernet and cable runs from each room in the house. No splitters or connections in the attic. Cable/internet company folks love it, walk in and open the door for access to everything they need to check.

That project took several years to complete, but it was fun and the final product is functional and a joy to use. Replacing components is a breeze.

Now at 69 all I can do it listen to the music. Darn: :slight_smile: Its all good.

Here is a link to photos and some information on the project if you’re interested. This is post that folks use to show and discuss equipment. Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03] - #3462 by Mike_LC

That sounds like a nice clean set up…is your set up pictured in the links you’ve provided below? Every time I pull my equipment apart that is my goal…to neatly route & organize wires & cables but by the time I get everything together it always seems to be a big mess again, in fact that was the biggest road block with my current problem, just getting in there & take things apart where I could clearly see & follow connections….I may as well take this opportunity to try clean up my system. Nice winter project…how do you split your Ethernet? I have a 5 way switch right off of router but doesn’t that degrade signal? Any recommendations in that regard? I have Cat 5 right into my Anthem but even then my music apps don’t always find the receiver on the network…it’s very random, spotty & frustrating….
I’m glad to hear that you can enjoy your system so much…I do enjoy mine also but afraid I can’t post the smiley emoji yet….too many “technical difficulties” & I have a lot to learn. I’ve always had music in the house & in my recent retirement I invested in some better equipment since I enjoy music so much but at this point it’s been a mix of pleasure & pain. I live alone & my music is my companion & we gotta stop fighting like this……

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Yes, the link goes directly to my addition to that very long post. You can see photos and descriptions of lots of very nice systems. I wish I could walk into a A/V store and listen to those setups.

I have no idea at what point the Ethernet signal could start degrading, has to be a limit somewhere, but I get similar laptop speedtest results at 10 port locations, roughly 900mbps download and 50 upload.

I have 1GB cable/internet service from the provider at my location. My Asus router has 8 Ethernet ports and 3 wi-fi bands. All A/V equipment in my rack is connected to the router ports with Cat 7, one port feeds a 16 port switch for the house runs on Cat 6. Have dual Ethernet runs into 3 rooms and single runs going to each of the other rooms. The office has drops on 2 different walls, one feeds a Roon endpoint and the other has another 5 port switch for 2 desktops and 2 laptops. Wi-Fi is only used for phones/tablets

Have 5 Roon Ready endpoints spread around the house and when grouped for whole house music they stay perfectly in sync. Or as far as I can tell anyway.

Roon works very well at my location with the current setup.

You’ll get there, work through one issue at a time if possible and ask all the questions you need to on this forum. Lots of knowledgeable folks here willing to help and answer questions.

I’m on to my 3rd day with no loss of signal to receiver from nucleus….also Tidal had been skipping through songs after about 30 seconds of play which was frustrating….so far skipping has completely stopped which is a bonus…& connectivity is good. I have had an occasional drop off of sound for just a few seconds which has happened twice in the last 3 days but connection comes back….I hear occasional switching coming from TV, nothing visible changes with switching sound but has me wondering if switch in TV is going bad, otherwise a step in the right direction & I’m satisfied with improvements & thank you for all of your help!

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When the sound briefly drops is there an HDMI indicator on the receiver blinking on/off or flashing?

Do the drops occur with the TV off and out of the loop?

My system still does that occasionally with the HDMI zone if the TV is turned on/off while the music is playing. And the flashing indicator light on the receiver tells me it is the TV briefly interfering with the signal causing the receiver to stop the music until the connection is solid.

I have my TV off when using the HDMI zone to avoid the interruptions.

Hope things continue to improve with your setup.

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