Nucleus core will no open

I cannot log into my core on nucleus since I upgraded to 2.0. Keeps asking for my login . I have rebooted the nucleus several times

Hi Keith,
I’ve moved your post to the Nucleus support section. You had left it in the Uncategorized section where it might have been missed by support.

Hi @Keith_Jackson,

Will you please complete the information below? We can put together the entire picture with the information below.


You can copy and paste it into your reply, thanks!

Roon Core Machine

Include your operating system and machine info (Model, CPU, RAM).

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Your networking gear (model of routers/switches/etc), connection types (Wifi/Ethernet), and any firewalls, antivirus, or VPN software.

Connected Audio Devices

Specify what devices you’re using and their connection types, like USB/HDMI/Chromecast, etc.

Number of Tracks in Library

Tell us how large your music library is, eg. “30,000 tracks”.

Description of Issue

Tell us about the problem you’re having in as much detail as possible. Screenshots are always appreciated!

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