Nucleus does not play music (Can’t find Nucleus Follow-up)

@noris - Hi! I am experiencing the same thing as before (topic: Can’t find Nucleus); I am able to access Nucleus and the Web UI but unable to hear anything… there’s that same blue or white line going rapidly from left to right. I tried and got the same results whether I am on my iPhone or Mac Pro. Could we please fix this? Thanks.

Updates: in Roon software, under Services menu, when I click on Tidal Edit button, I see “Syncing library now” under Last Library Sync… could this be the reason and why is it doing this? I am able to access just Tidal desktop and the music plays fine.

Updates 2: Logged out from Tidal in Roon > Services then logged back in and now I am able to listen to my tracks in Roon! FYI, in the Tidal Edit button there’s a “Sync Library Now” in blue color under Last Library Sync, not sure if you’re suppose to click on it, for now I won’t because I may still get the “Syncing library now” and unable to play my tracks again… anyway we need to find out what’s going on and how the synching process works, thanks!

The one time I experienced this was because my library was corrupted.

Hope you have backups.

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