Nucleus does not "see" external USB drive (formatted EXT4)

The Nucleus does not see external USB drive. At least that is what it seems to me: the device is not visible in Settings/Storage.
Or should I “do something” to find the usb drive? I have tried “Add Folder”, Roon is then looking for devices (I suppose) but comes up with “Error loading folder. NotAvailable”.

Try rebooting the nucleus with the disk attached.

Doesn’t work…

Is the disk seen if you attach it to another computer?

It was seen when attached to my Synology NAS (I copied all music from my NAS to USB drive because recently the NAS becomes invisible to the Nucleus after some time; have to reboot the NAS to make him visible again. I don’t know if this is a NAS, a network or a Nucleus problem).
But I seen now the usb drive it is not seen by my Mac (don’t know if the Mac can read EXT4 formatted drive, though. Must check).
Checked: EXT4 is not as such readable on Mac.

exFat is a much better choice for format if you are going to move a drive between different OSs.

Thanks for the suggestion, but FAT4 should function nevertheless

You might get better results with exFAT, although EXT4 should work, not sure why your Nucleus is not seeing it. Was it the Synology device that first formatted it? Maybe some strange Synology-unique process went on.

See here -

“We recommend USB drives connected to ROCK be formatted exFAT if you require compatibility, or EXT4 if you don’t.”

It may be a pain to transfer all your music again, but I’d connect the USB drive to a proper computer, format it exFAT and transfer all your music back to it.

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