Nucleus - drops in connection when streaming Qobuz [Resolved with Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

Im jumping into the conversation as I have been experiencing these drops in connection for a few months and on a regular basis.

What are the solutions @support ? Thanks

Just pointing out that the nucleus is running on LAN.

@arthur0603 - thanks for the data point. The Support team prefer to have separate threads for issues, but I’ll leave it to them to decide whether to split your post into a new support thread in order to follow up with you directly (e.g. by collecting logs for analysis from your Nucleus).

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Hey @arthur0603,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! I’ve split your post so our technical team can focus on your specific issue. Could you please share a bit more detail about your setup and network connections?

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Hi @rebeka,

My nucleus is connected via LAN to my router.
They are cat 6 wires i got setup specifically for this purpose.

Setup is pretty straight forward:

  • Nucleus → to a dac → integrated amp → speakers.
    Nucleus is updated to notifications.

Streaming: With Qobuz

  • Library: on internal SSD

Some notes:

  1. It seems to drop only on streaming. *I’ll double check tomorrow by playing only library files for a couple of hours.

  2. Interesting enough, when you look at the screen shot below, it seems that the 1 day, 23 hours, 21min and 23 sec is constant and always repeats then. although I have been observing more frequent drops. For example when streaming Qobuz over 6 hours, it could happen 3 times.

  3. I have not been listening to music since Sunday which over that time. Seems that the running time seems to drop also when I dont listen to my Nucleus!

Anything else specific you would like to know?

Thanks for your precious help :slight_smile:

Hey @arthur0603,

Thanks for the quick reply! That seems to be all we need :pray:

Your thread is now with our technical team. They will reply on this thread :nerd_face:

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Hi @arthur0603

I ran diagnostics and it looks like you’re running into a memory leak that we have a ticket in for. I can’t provide any specific time frames for when the issue will be resolved, but this is a high priority issue for us and we’ll be sure to reach out when we have an update.


@dylan hope things are good. Any update on the issue ? Seems that memory leak depending what I stream on Qobuz happen more or less often. Could the length of a track play a role?
I had 4 drops in the past 2 hours so far today from a classical album streaming via qobuz.
However this afternoon, blues album and roon radio from qobuz went smoothly without interruption for hours.

Same here. The problem persists, and only when streaming from Qobuz. It’s disappointing that there is so little response from support. I mean, this is not some minor issue about wrong metadata or a badly cropped artist picture - this strikes at the heart of the listening experience! Have you guys been in contact with Qobuz? Is there any progress in finding the cause? Why the silence? Please keep us informed…

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Have the same problem with Qobuz 24 / 192khz have not noticed it with either radio or NAS.
this problem actually starts a bit annoying and info about when it can be fixed lights up with its absence.
feels like this problem is being swept a bit under the rug actually.

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You have a point, seems to be linked only certain type of file format. But then does this mean that room radio skips certain file format.

@Leo_Reijnen fromy experience support are helpful. From my understanding they could be trying to patch this onto an general update. Let see.

I’ll double check if only certain file format drop in connection.

It’s probably the time I react to not the helpfulness in the case.
I only have positive experiences from the support but the information is a bit limited and when you wait for something it gets a bit boring.

I am sure that Support is doing its best, but if only they would keep us informed about any (or no) progress and what they are doing. I have posted about this regularly and have not received any response except once at the very beginning. I am willing to be very patient, as long as I know efforts are being made. Now I just feel ignored…

Hi @arthur0603

We have a fix currently in testing. I don’t have specific timeframes I can provide just yet as that is dependent on testing, but we are hopeful that it will be released soon. We will be sure to reach out as soon as we have info on this!

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That is great news, Dylan! Thanks for the update.

Hello @arthur0603 /@Leo_Reijnen/@Rickard_Helgesson ,

We’ve just released a new version of Roon (Build 806) that contains improvements in this area, can you please try to update to the latest Roon version and let us know if the issue is resolved on your end? Thanks!

I have updated the remote app. Is there something else I should do and if so, what and how? I see no messages in the app about core updates…

Never mind, found it, under ‘about. Will report back on the qobuz disconnect issue. Thanks!’

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