Nucleus+ (early access) updated, now everything else is incompatible

Nucleus+ (early access) updated, now everything else is incompatible.

Please help.

Please see this thread. There are links in it to the help file you need to get all your remotes on early access. The details are specific to each platform (iOS, android, win, Mac, etc) and you’ll need to file each of them. Decide if you want to be in early Access, and then either Core + all devices in EA or core + all devices in production. You can’t have a mix. I know it’s a chaotic thread but if you read it, all the answers are in there. Good luck, feel free to ask questions.

Also, this should probably be in #support

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Without being rude , if you are not adept at tinkering and sorting out problems , dipping a toe into early access is a bit of a risk. When all you want is music.

Do you really gain anything, the idea is that the code is liable to be buggy , early access is to fish out those bugs. If you are not confident at doing that I would stay clear.

I am a retired developer and I stay well clear , got too many T shirts :sunglasses:

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I will say that I don’t think Roon communicated this terribly well. They said something like “do you want to see features before everyone else? Sign up here!” (I’m paraphrasing and being a little uncharitable, but I don’t think they articulated costs or risks very well, probably because they wanted a big program).


Moved to early access.

I keep writing a “please put a warning banner on early access” mail to the Roon staff but can’t decide who to send it to :relieved: