Nucleus Ethernet connection not working

Unit lost ethernet connection and will not re-establish. Confirmed home network up and running. Connected to TV via HDMI, shows Roon logo. Powered on and off, tried numerous connectors. Help is appreciated. Thank you

To save you some time the following is the information Roon support will want when they start to deal with your enquiry.


Support Request

After the roon logo, does it boot to a screen that looks like this ?

Let’s not jump the gun, and confuse the chap, we don’t even know if he’s booting past POST yet, and getting to the OS screen above.

Boots to this image.


M2 SSD drive broken.

It’s not booting from the Internal M.2 SSD.
If it’s under warranty then I’d recommend contacting where you purchased it from, it will need attention from your local service center.