Nucleus External SSD Constantly Blinking

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Description Of Issue
External T5 SSD is constantly blinking.

Hi @Richard_Card,

I’m not quite sure I understand what the issue is here. You mention that the SSD is blinking, which I would expect if there is some activity happening on it. Does it work properly in Roon? What kind of external enclosure are you using?

I’ve seen this reported several times with Rock and or Nucleus, and the response is it’s normal behavior and nothing to be alarmed about. Put a piece of tape over the LED if it bothers you.

@mikeb & @noris - thanks for the follow up. Yeah, the nice thing about the Samsung T5 USB-C is that it is silent and LED faces backwards. It was blinking non stop for a while and I get it is just accessing files and life is OK, just didn’t see it this much outside of when it was first plugged in and the Nucleus was scanning it to build the library. I’m good to go, thanks… I went 4TB Samsung PRO internal and (2) T5 external SSDs for the library. Got rid of the QNAP 251 w/ 8TB HDD… was driving me mad with the clacking sounds all the time.

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