Nucleus goes to La La Land

I have a base Nucleus with:

  • Storage: Internal 8TB Samsung SSD drive
  • Connection: Cabled Ethernet.
  • Playback: dCS Bartok DAC
  • Library size 8251 Albums, 118K tracks
  • Library consists of a mix of PCM and DSD files
  • Qobuz service
  • All DSP features disabled

Lately the Nucleus would “disappear” in the middle of playback, Roon would stop playing trying to locate the Nucleus and return in a few minutes.

Does this look like a memory issue? Can this issue be alleviated with RAM upgrade? I understand that the base Nucleus is not supposed to have a library of this size, but being a long time subscriber garbage accumulates and it could be quite a task to clean up,

Frankly the Nucleus is not cheap for a NUX machine with a nice case, I don’t understand why Roon did not just made every Nucleus souped up with the maxed out RAM and CPU. If RAM is not a solution, I would hate having to throw away a $1.4K machine as boat anchor and build a new machine.

Any suggestions?

Difficult to say without more information, the logs should hold more details. It’s certainly possible, how much memory does the device have sorry?

If it’s a memory issue almost certainly, the upgrade is a fairly painless process.

You may need to work with support to diagnose your fault for sure.

Re the question for how much RAM currently, I think it is the default for the “basic” Nucleus which is 4MB?

If I upgrade I would not cheap out and get 16GB

My Rock just did this about an hour ago. I have 16gb Ram, it’s memory leak in Roon causing it. Part of the ongoing issues with the latest build. Having 16gb its taken longer to get there. It will happen on my windows remote very quickly and same on my Android remote. Many reporting simialr issues for cores across all platforms. For the record mines never done this across 2 different core computers since switching to Rock.

If someone from HQ needs to look at my log for diagnosis please respond with instructions.


Support should be able to pull logs from your Nucleus remotely. If they can’t, then they will be in touch with you with instructions for an alternative method of getting your logs.

Some additional information would be useful for their diagnosis: can you check to see if your Roon Server is resetting itself unexpectedly? Use the Web Administration Interface and check the uptime of both the Roon Operating System and the Roon Server Software. They should be very similar. If the uptime of Roon Server is much shorter, then it is a sign that it is resetting.

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Can you post a screen shot of the Web based GUI, please? (http://[Nucleus IP Address]/)
Your description indicates it is rebooting the server software, and you should be able to identify this by looking at the running time under each “module”

Please see above screenshot

Yes since I rarely turn off the server, it seems to have rebooted OR restarted some services

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Hopefully the new 970 release would solve the problem?

It doesn’t look like repetitive restarting though. I’d say going 16Gb wouldn’t hurt though, and better accomodate your library size.

Yes more RAM never hurts. Meanwhile will also monitor if there are more hiccups after the latest build.

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Hi @agentsmith,

Sorry to hear about your trouble with the Nucleus. I’ve tried to pull logs from your machine to take a closer look but I haven’t had any success. My feeling is that you’re running out of memory due to the size of your library.

Could you please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader? We’ll be back in touch once we have more details. Thanks!

Hi sorry for late reply. I just uploaded my log as per your request.

I have not listened much since the latest firmware upgrade, but it seems the crashes or slowing down has occurred less often. There were a couple of time today while I listened when it went off on its own and came back in about 2 minutes with the music stopped.

thanks in advance

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