Nucleus HDMI output

I’m using my Nucleus as a streamer. HDMI out goes directly into my processor (Anthem MRX720) which has a capable DAC.

It would be nice if the Nucleus’ HDMI output showed album art instead of ASCII text saying the server had booted.


Yes, I agree. Would be great if you could toggle the output of Nucleus’ HDMI via Roon settings to be either server status messages (like it currently is) or normal UX output.

As a crude workaround to fix this, I have a Chromcast device plugged into a different HDMI input in my TV than the HDMI output of my processor (I’m using a McIntosh MX160) and with some programming of my Logitech Harmony Remote (which is I use to control the source switching of my AV setup), when Roon HDMI output is used, it switches the TV to the Chromecast input where I have Roon’s web UX turned on to display. This allows me to get audio via Nucleus’ HDMI through my MX160 with Roon’s video UX displayed via Chromecast on my large screen TV. As a side note, I use the HDMI output of my Nucleus for multichannel music as this is the simplest way to play this class of music (vs going the multichannel DAC route).

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Just a heads-up here, Danny is currently gathering input for what might be included in the next version of Roon OS (used in the Nucleus). He mentioned the possibility of adding a display function to the HDMI output of the Nucleus. No guarantees or timescales for implementation, but the idea is at present on the table.

Thanks for the heads up on that post. Posted my feedback on this topic there also.

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Yes, that would be a very nice feature, seeing something usefull. :+1:

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Would love to see album cover instead of server status on my tv while the A/V receiver is streaming from nucleus. Or a toggle for this.

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Can the HDMI output be connected to an I²S input on a DAC?

Hello My name is Ryszard and I am from Poland. I have Nucleus + (first model) with 2 x USB-A , HDMI and USB-C outputs. I have two questions
1.Some DAC has HDMI (= i2s) input - is it possible to transfer audio signal from Nucleus to DAC usig HDMI output?
2. What can I use USB-C port in Nucleus? When I bought Nucleus some years ago, this port was unactiv. How is it with uSB-C port now? Is it active?
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The answer to both your questions is no.

  1. The Nucleus uses HDMI audio, not i2s.
  2. The USB-C port is still inactive.