Nucleus in Network

after a while,
I had a period of not using Roon for longer time. After a few weeks I can’t locate Nucleus in my network again and I don’t see Nucleus in my network at all. Nucleus was also switched off for few weeks as well. Core searching prompt is working and looking for Nucleus many hours with no effect. I can switch to other core (Mac) without problems but it’s not my goal. Is something what I can do?

Can you attach a monitor to the HDMI output of the Nucleus and post a photo of what appears on the screen when you turn on the Nucleus?

Strange, there is no connection to the monitor as well. Connection is ok with different devices (like my Mac, no problem)

Does the white LED turn on when you hit the power button?

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Thank you Bert very much,
it’s seems I’m getting older… I’m using power conditioner dedicated to the nucleus from metrum lab and forgot to switch nucleus with… Everything is working properly now, thanks a lot and… have a nice and safe Easter time
best regards, Jacek


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