Nucleus Internal Drive (SSD) Mounting Screws

I purchased a Nucelus (Rev. A) a couple years ago and recently purchased as SSD for internal storage. However, I do not have the 4 black screws needed to mount the SSD to the two rails. I do not recall the screws being included in the Nucleus package, and they were not included with the SSD. Am I able to get the required screws from Roon? Alternatively, do the screws have a size designation and where would be a good place to order them? FWIW, it looks like the four mounting screws would be the same size as the 5 screws that secure the cover on the bottom of the Nucleus. Thanks in advance.

If the screws are M3, then -

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I purchased the DSLRKIT M3 x 5mm Flat Head Screw package and was able to install the SSD (an Other World Computing Mercury Electra 6G SSD) without any difficulty. I think the longer black screws that hold the cover in place also would have worked, but then I would not have had them to refasten the cover. The shorter, 5mm M3 screws were sufficient. I then formatted the drive and began installing my hi res files. Thanks!


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