Nucleus + is not found anymore after it had been powered off for a few days

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Nucleus + is not found anymore after it had been powered off for a few days.
Nothing has changed. Only have had it a month or two.
Everything is on and internet is working fine.

Check if it has been handed an IP Address from your router by going in to the DHCP lease table (or attach a HDMI-monitor to the Nucleus)

If you manage to find …

… try to go the Nucleus Web Administration Interface first, and if that doesn’t work …

… to see, if it boots at all.

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Thanks guys. When I login to my Netgear router admin, I can see 50ish devices connected with IP addresses, but none seem to work.

Does a Roon Nucleus usually have a certain name in this area? I don’t think my router even sees it. It’s on and plugged in…

Also, I do not have an HDMI monitor.

Hdmi on a TV?

Have you tried http://nucleusplus.local in your web browser also?

Thanks again. I hooked it up to a TV as suggested, and it had booted up, and an IP address was shown. Strangely, the Roon app on my iphone then found the nucleus right away. I had re-started the nucleus a couple times before trying this, so not sure what’s different other than the ethernet jack I was plugged into. Also, after the nucleus was seen, it said both the nucleus and the controller needed an update, which I then allowed. Maybe that was it. I moved the nucleus back to its normal location and it’s working just fine now. Thanks all for your help.


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