Nucleus knocking out the Router every 15 minutes

Hi guys…looking for some advice please.

Is it possible to connect a Wireless Access Point to the Nucleus?
The reason I ask, is that for some strange reason, my Nucleus is knocking out my Router. Causing the Router to reboot every 10-15 minutes.

I have done several tests over the past few days, and found that it is definitely the Nucleus, when connected by Ethernet to the Router. All other devices connected by Ethernet to the Router are fine, no issues.
The Router is a BT Hub (UK) Their engineer has said the Router issue may be REIN related (Repetitive Electronic Impulse Noise), due to the frequency of the dropouts.

I have raised this issue with support, but was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue.


Just from this quote alone, I’d guess it’s either a dying router or the router firmware cannot handle the amount of multicast traffic. If I were you I’d try replacing the router by finding a known to be good model from a major brand (Asus, TP-Link, Netgear, etc.)

Also try using an unshielded CAT-6 cable without metal connectors.

Yet another thing you may try is to insert an unmanaged switch (such as Netgear GS105) between the router and the Nucleus, and connect all your Roon-related devices to the switch.


Thank you Peter for your reply

The Router (BT Hub) was replace a week ago.

When the fault first started I was using a TP-Link 8 port Switch.
I connected the Nucleus directly to the Router just in case the Switch was faulty. But the same fault occurred.

I have not yet tried an unshielded Ethernet cable.

All was working fine for 3 months, then suddenly the issue started. I have not changed anything in the system.

I have downloaded a trial version of Roon to my iMac to see that that knocks out the Router. That test is ongoing.

REIN is a power supply issue, normally, nothing to do with the ethernet connection - it can be caused by Christmas trees lights. Moving to wireless won’t help.

Thanks for your comment. Not sure if you are based in the UK…

No Christmas lights up just yet😄 Yes, you are correct. The OpenReach Engineer suggested that it could be something from a neighbour even.

However, I have, by process of elimination, removed one by one of my Ethernet connected devices. No issues with Smart TV, Smart PVR and Soundbar. Leaving just the Nucleus connected directly to the BT Hub.

The system has been rock solid for 3 months. But I will continue to carry out various tests this weekend.

I would just add, the phone line is an ‘Exchange Line’, meaning that it doesn’t come from one of those green broadband boxes in the street. Hence, my speed is only 3-6 maps!

Was it replaced due to this problem?

Or the problem started only after the replacement?

If there is an external power supply for it, was it replaced too?

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Hi Peter

Yes, BT Hub replaced after dropouts/Reboots. Fault first occurred on 23rd Sept, replacement Hub installed on 9th Oct.

Yes, a new power supply was supplied with the new Hub.

If possible, make sure the power supplies are not sharing the same power strip.

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Power Supplies in different wall sockets.
A quick update:
11:53 Nucleus connected directly to Hub by new Ethernet cable (AudioQuest Cinnamon 0.75m cable).
12:08 Dropout/Hub Reboot
12:24 Dropout/Hub Reboot
12:40 Dropout/Hub Reboot
12:57 Dropout/Hub Reboot

You can almost set you watch by it.

Try to set your DHCP lease time to 4 hours or so, or at least check that it is not to short.

It was on 1 day, I’ve changed it to 4 hours. Should I have left it alone? :slightly_smiling_face:

1 day or 4 hours is okay.
It was just a hunch based on the symptoms you described.
A to short DHCP lease time can cause issues as you described.

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Thanks Peter :+1:

As @wklie mentioned earlier, I’d definitely try switching out the ethernet cable for a standard Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable. It may well make no difference, but it would be good to rule out the AudioQuest Cinnamon.

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You must have read my mind! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have just replaced the AudioQuest Cat 7 with a cheap Cat 5 patch cable.

So just another 14 or 15 minutes and we’ll know if it’s made a difference :slight_smile:

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I just don’t get it. My system has been rock solid for the past 3 months, then suddenly this. I’ve changed nothing.

My phone line comes directly from the exchange, not the usual green box in the street. Hence why it’s only 6 mbps!

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I spoke too soon. 10 minutes after swapping out the Ethernet cables, it’s dropped out and rebooted again!

That didn’t work. :disappointed_relieved:

If it’s REIN related, as already discussed, it may well be a device in your neighbour’s house, so there’s not much you’ll be able to do about it. However, the problem might be elsewhere in your own house. What you could try is turning everything else off in your house. Better still, flip all the fuses for everything other than the sockets you need to run the Nucleus, router and output device, and unplug everything else that’s on the same ring.

Does this happen all day or only during at certain periods? for eg could it related to fridge switching on its compressor, or have you started switching you heating back on and could it be related to heating boiler/pump switching or some other heavy/inductive load device switching?

@DavN - I see we posted pretty much same thing at same time :slight_smile: