Nucleus Losing Connection

My Nucleus started losing connection today.

  1. Nucleus purchased from Moon Audio July 2018.
  2. Music stored on internal SSD - Samsung 860.
  3. Library size aprox. 38,000 tracks.
  4. Currently connecting through desktop PC via USB to Modi MB DAC via wired network - TP-Link powerline adapters.

So far I’ve lost connection four times this morning in about two hours. Each time music stopped and Roon error message said connection lost. Web interface to Nucleus was unavailable until system reconnected. Each time reconnection occurred within about two minutes. Here’s a screenshot of the Web interface.

Network uses Comcast supplied gateway wired to Nucleus using TP-Link powerline adapters.
I’ve used this setup for two years with zero problems, so I’m not sure what changed or is changing. Can you look at my logs to maybe see what’s going on? Thanks for your help.

Hello @David_Gibson, and thanks for your report! You had mentioned using a TP-Link powerline adapter, and per our networking guide we generally recommend against using these as we’ve found them to occasionally cause these issues.

I’d appreciate it if you could do a quick test for me, would you please try temporarily connecting the Nucleus directly to the router? I’d like to see if this changes things. Thanks, and please let me know the results!

Thanks for the response. As I said, I’ve been using the TP-Link setup for about two years with no problems whatsoever. Having said that, I rebooted the Nucleus yesterday and so far no more lost connections. If the problem returns, I’ll try your suggestion next. Thanks again.

Powerline adaptors sometimes get glitchy. Often they have intermittent faults before failing completely.

Good to know. My only other option is to get the house wired for network. I didn’t really want to do that now, but I might look into it.

Try with a long cable first much cheaper to test with