Nucleus Memory Upgrade

Hi, can anyone advise how to verify Nucleus system status with Memory info from Web interface? I have recently installed an additional 8G Memory into my Nucleus but not sure how to confirm the installation. The system works fine after the 8G Ram added. Cheers

The web UI never speaks about memory.

Hi Danny, yes that was what I seen as well. However I would suppose there should be a way to check the Nucleus system status including the system performance somewhere?

If you could get into its bios you could verify the installed memory there. Don’t know if the Nucleus lets you access the bios on boot, though…

Anyway to verify the memory used in Nucleus?

Just curious why you added more memory. Did you have performance issues? Do you notice a performance difference?

I recently changed from Mac mini to Nuclues, got about 8k Albums 110k tracks to manage, the existing Nucleus has 4G Ram and I think not enough. Added 8G but not sure how to verify in the system.

So you upgrade based on thinking memory is a problem? Regarding thinking, don’t think you will have any problems with 8000 albums and 110.000 tracks :slight_smile:

@Steven_Cheng I think the answer is the Nucleus is an appliance. It’s not your concern what’s going on inside. It has just two states: functional or not. If you want to tinker, build a Mock. That said, I think there was a feature request to show RAM on the web admin page.

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The whole concept of the Nucleus is ‘plug & play’.
If the OP wanted to tinker, he should have built a NUC.

I disagree. The issue here is actually the assumption that the memory upgrade was required. Nucleus is upgradeable and it isn’t unreasonable for an owner to want to add his own storage or memory. Had the question been asked he would have been told extra memory wasn’t required, or perhaps add a matching 4 gig stick*. But the answer is quite simple. Nucleus OS does see the memory. It almost certainly won’t use much if any of it. And if it wasn’t working the device simply wouldn’t boot or would suffer shutdowns and/or restarts.

*To enable dual channel working if that matters.

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The reason I am adding more memory as my collection is over 100k tracks now and doubting existing 4G RAM will not sufficient according to Nucleus specs. I think the Nucleus should be working fine after I added an other 8G even I can’t check anywhere in the system.
It would be great in future release to include system performance overview in admin page in which have an overview of how system loads and performs

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Memory is dirt cheap now.

Adding it for future concerns is a reasonable action.

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Can’t you ssh into a Nucleus and check for installed memory and use via top?

Perhaps the Nucleus memory spec should be increased, but I’m pretty sure it’s sold as an appliance, and not as something to be tinkered with.

Adding RAM status to the web admin page would be really useful, but it would probably lead to reports of 64Gb RAM sounds better the 32Gb, or some such! I’d also want reassurance from Roon that this extra RAM is actually utilized, otherwise, why do they set the spec so low?


I run a Nucleus, with over 8k albums, and around 115k tracks.
It works perfectly. Surely if Roon thought that it needed more RAM to run ROCK, they would have sold it with more?

Not technical enough to do this lol

I think you can safely assume that if the system boots with the new memory installed then it is using that memory.

Performance far more likely to be determined by the speed of the database and DSP ie the processor and the system storage (the SSD card). It won’t be determined, significantly, by RAM size or the speed of the disk holding the music files. I assume that Roon Labs have designed the system software to function with the given RAM, so I am not sure you would see any performance improvement.

That is a big part of the problem I think. When I built my MOCK I had something of an internal struggle limiting myself to a pair of 4gb sticks.

I felt the processing time is faster after adding 8G, boot faster and as well as loading music. Not hearing any SQ different yet