Nucleus Migration seem to work perfectly ,but lots of mp3 files on second usb drive don't play

Roon Core Machine Nucleus


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Tp-Link router
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Bluesound Node

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Description of Issue

While back up restore seemed to work perfectly, I now have many mp3 files on my second USB drive that now don’t play, they have all the info I added ,But now they don’t play and say corrupt

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

T P Link router

Connected Audio Devices


Library Size


Description of Issue

After what I thought was a perfect move from Pc to Nucleus I am having problems playing files
from one of my usb drives,This drive does not have power,and is not plugged in the power strip ,like my other drive which does, It use to be plugged into my PC,and the files(mp3’s) played fine

While The most important thing was getting backup restore to work,and My Library looks correct
The files that won’t play are all located on the second USB drive And because they are not in your data base because they are radio shows I spent many hours filling in the information on each show

Please Get Back to me ,on what steps I can take to fix this, these files should play ,Most of the files
on this drive aren’t mp3 and play fine The few Mp3s on my other Powered USB drive play fine too

Peter - I’m going to unlist this post, because it’s essentially a duplicate of the Support request you posted earlier, which will be picked up by Support in due course.

I strongly suspect the issue is caused by the different MP3 decoders used in Windows and Linux (Nucleus). Some MP3 files can’t be handled properly by the Linux decoder. I had a similar experience, and had to use dBpoweramp to recode them into FLAC format.

BTW, I’ve already whispered my suspicions to the Support team.

Thanks ,that would be a big job,and I would loose all my data I spent a very very long time entering:)

Well, not if you used dBpoweramp - it has a batch format converter, and your file metadata would be preserved…

All these files have very little metadata ,Since they played fine ,I did all the labeling of titles, artists, descriptions ect in roon ,My Roon Library has this info their data base dosn’t If I convert the file ,won’t
roon lose all this info?

You could try converting a folder of files into their FLAC equivalents, and then replacing the MP3 originals with the FLAC version to see whether Roon will recognise the new versions and keep the metadata. It’s a long shot, but worth trying I think.

Hi @Peter_Neski — I definitely agree with Geoff’s suggestion, at least as a test — If you convert even one album, does that end up working for you?

If so, I’m hoping you can send us one of the albums that isn’t working and we can take a look on our end.

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It doesn’t work ,the roon info I added is now lost

How do I send you one of those files that doesn’t play

I just PM’d you, @Peter_Neski.

I uploaded a MP3. But if Nucleus can’t play them
I am simply in for a ton of work,converting them to flax is no problem,and very fast,but putting them back with all the descriptions and text is a totally different thing

Thanks for sending that, @Peter_Neski — Once we’ve been able to test we’ll be in touch with next steps.

Hi @Peter_Neski, sorry for the delay! When testing this out on my end, this file is showing as corrupt. Unfortunately, because the file is corrupt, this won’t work without potentially converting it (sometimes this can fix corrupt headers and things like that so Roon can read it).

They played on roon fine when I had the core on the PC,I have been converting these files that now
don’t play ,but since they need pictures and labeling to be done over ,it will take months