Nucleus moving to Intel NUC11?

I noticed you have a special on the nucleus hardware. I am hesitant due to recent updates by Intel. Do you have a nucleus update planned that will take advantage of recently releases NUCs and the latest intel 11th generation i7 chips?

Absolutely not. The NUC11 are very hot and have minor performance advantages in trade for significant price and supply chain disadvantages.

The Nucleus is designed to be turnkey, stable, and appliance-like in nature. It is not meant to chase the latest specs. It’s one of the reasons we don’t publish specs about hardware, and instead focus on capabilities. There are others that play that specs game, but we don’t. Another company that does this is Apple with the iPhones. For example, iPhones have consistently been out-spec’d by Samsung and others when it comes to RAM, even today. Yet it doesn’t really matter, since iOS is designed to run with less RAM than Android. The multitasking in iOS is radically different and just doesn’t put that pressure on RAM consumption because it aggressive kills backgrounded apps. The iPhone experience is spectacular, because the company thinks about the whole product holistically, and doesn’t chase specs.

When working on Roon, we always take into consideration that Roon needs to run spectacularly on Nucleus and Nucleus+.

If you must chase the specs, you can always run Linux.


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