Nucleus Music File Management with internal SSD

We are considering moving three music databases (all currently located on network shard drives) to an internal SSD in the Nucleus. We would like to retain the three different “folders” of music, which we divide up based on file type (Apple Lossless, FLAC and MP3/ACC).

It is important to keep the music in three different folders because I will need to routinely add new music and we often have the same music in different formats. Keeping them in three folders will allow us to confirm we have the different files.

The question is under the non-GUI internal storage accessed by SMB from another computer, does the Nucleus Roon OS support different folders or just one large collection of music.


The underlying OS on the Nucleus and the ROCK is Linux and uses it’s file system. So, if you open up the data storage area, you should be able to drag and drop a folder from one location to the other. It will maintain the same directory/folder/file structure.

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