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According to Network Report, the Nucleus+ shut down at 4:40am this morning. There is NO power in the unit. I’ve tried on several outlets and making sure the outlets work. The LED light above the on/off switch on the back does NOT light up.

Hello @tomdee55 ,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the difficulties here. Can you please confirm, that if you connect the Nucleus HDMI output to a TV or monitor and try to power the Nucleus on, do you see anything at all listed there? Where did you purchase this Nucleus from, direct from us or from a Roon dealer? Do you live in the United States or elsewhere?

When I plug Nucleus’s HDMI output to TV, NOTHING shows on the screen and there are NO lights on the Nucleus. The LED over the power switch doesn’t come on. So it appears there is NO power getting to the Nucleus. I purchased the Nucleus though a dealer here in Dallas, Texas: Dallas Sight & Sound (now called Denizen). And I live in the DFW area of north Texas.

I purchased a new power supply for the Nucleus+ per recommendation from my dealer. At first nothing happened (ie, no power: no lights,etc.). But something happened over night!
ALL GOOD NOW!! Interestingly, when I looked at Nucleus+ this morning, I could see the light over the power button and the orange light for the ethernet!! When I brought up the software, it connected right away!! So it appears that my old power supply went bad.
Thanks for your time and support


Hello @tomdee55 ,

Thanks for the update here, glad to hear that the issue only ended up being the PSU and not something more serious. We hope that the Nucleus remains stable with the new PSU, but if you have any further issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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