Nucleus+ not booting after power outage (ref#4HO7KS)

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What’s happening?

I'm having trouble with my audio device

Nucleus + is not booting up after power outage

Can you connect a monitor or TV to the HDMI connection on the Nucleus and post a photo of any messages that are displayed on the screen?

I will try when back home and post results.

HDMI 1 on Nucleus plugged into a monitor - monitor reports “no signal”. White light behind Nucleus power button is lit.
Now what?

@John_Toole, when and from where did you purchase your Nucleus Plus? If from Roon, this is the place to request support, but if from a dealer, Roon may need you to contact that dealer directly.

I purchased the Nucleus from my local dealer some 4 years ago now. I have been in contact with them. No guidance about diagnostics or repair. I was directed here.

You are in queue with Roon’s support team, the will contact you as they move through their support requests.

Hi @John_Toole,

Thanks for writing in and for your patience so far!

This unfortunately points to hardware failure, and we’ll need our internal team to take a closer look for a proper diagnosis. I will follow up via private message with next steps on getting an RMA started. Please keep an eye out for a direct message from me. Thanks! :pray:

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