Nucleus+ not booting

Equipment Description

Model: Nucleus+ rev B, 1TB.

Purchased at Roon Website

Music is stored locally and local library is about 30 tracks.

Remote Devices: Android phone, PC and iPads

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router Mikrotik RB3011
Switch Araknis AN-310-SW-F-24
Wired Network Connection

Description of Issue:

Nucleus+ is not responding, has power because the LED on the power button light up but it is not showing in the network(LAN Port has activity) and nothing comes out from the HDMI Ports. Only has LAN cable and power cable connected to Nucleus+. Remote devices are saying “Remote Connection, Waiting for remote Core”.

Equipment was bought 2 month ago.

Hi Agustin,

Fellow user here. The first thing I always suggest is rebooting the device. If that doesn’t work then,

Can you access the Nucleus’ Web UI? If so, can you post a screen pic.

That will give support additional information when they engage.

And, finally, if that doesn’t work, try plugging a computer monitor and keyboard up and taking a screen pic of the screen.

Hi Rugby,

I reboot the unit multiple times with no success. I am not able to access the Web UI, it is not showing in the network.
Connect the USB Keyboard and the HDMI A and B with nothing coming up on the displays.
Let me know if there is anything else you think I could do.


Hello @Agustin_Chaves ,

Thank you for letting us know about the issue.

Since there is no HDMI output this is most likely a hardware issue and we will need to RMA this unit, I will follow up via private message requesting additional information, thank you!

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