Nucleus + not powering up

Nucleus + will not power up and cannot be accessed via its IP address.
No longer shows on computer as server
There are lights on the mother board (small green and glow red) but no green ethernet flashing light on the ethernet cable connector, My switch is working fine and the internet runs through it . the power switch on rear complertrely unresponsive

Any suggestions please

How old is the Nucleus Plus, and did you purchase it from a dealer or from Roon direct?

purchased from a dealer Audio Affair (June 2018)
this has happened before and I returned the unit to dealer and they to Roon, and it was fixed, free of charge…same issue, just cant boot up
please let me know how I can resolve

Have you contacted the dealer if your unit is still under warranty?

Hi @adam_frederick_Clark ,

Sorry to hear about the issues here. It looks like you previously contacted us regarding a Nucleus Rev A, is this the same Rev A unit from before? Also, you were previously located in the UK, are you still located there? I ask because we will have to involve our UK Roon distributor for any repairs if that’s the case.

Hi. Yes same nucleus+ Rev A and still in the UK so if you could arrange for support here in the UK …Thanks

Hi @adam_frederick_Clark ,

Thanks for confirming you are in the UK and that the Nucleus is a Rev A unit. Please note that since this is a Rev A unit, the warranty has very likely expired.

Have you reached out to your dealer yet? The process here is that the dealer where you purchased the Nucleus from coordinates with the UK Roon distributor for any repairs.

What is the name of the dealership where you purchased your Nucleus from? If they have any questions regarding the repairs, they are welcome to reach out to us via our dealer channel.

Hi…I have organised to ship the item back to the dealer and for them to manage


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