Nucleus not saving search history

Just got the Nucleus today I noticed switching from the core on my windows 10 computer to a Nucleus the magnifying glass or search doesn’t keep a history of everything I have typed in there.

Any help would be appreciated

Have you updated to the latest roon os version and roon versions? Can check under settings about

Hi @Gary_Foux,

Have you followed our Migration Knowledge Base Article to migrate the Roon database from your previous Core to the Nucleus? Your play history is saved in the Roon database, so you’ll need to transfer this over to see it on the new Core.

Search not play history.

At least for separate Roon Core and Roon Remotes I never noticed that the search history is retained over a Roon Remote restart. Also the search history in-between restarts of a Remote contains this Remote’s searches only. For a persistent search history it had to be stored on the Core - I never noticed that to happen. So this is a feature request?

Hi @Gary_Foux,

I checked with the team on this and search history is on a per-remote level, it does not get saved to the Roon database. Since you have switch Cores to your Nucleus though, the search history should remain visible moving forward, provided you keep using the Nucleus as a Core.

Thanks for the heads up.

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