Nucleus not seeing BluOS endpoints


Hi folks!

I just got a Nucleus a few days ago. (Via the good folks at Evolution Audio Video in Virginia.)

And, alas, it is not seeing any of my three endpoints. When I first set it up it saw them intermittently but no luck for the last two days. All three are showing up fine in the BluOS app.

I’ve done a factory reset of all three endpoints; rebooted the Nucleus; and reinstalled the OS. Before I got the Nucleus I ran Roon through my PC in another room and it wasn’t that stable but at least it saw the endpoints.

Network: Verizon Fios with Verizon modem and a Netgear Nighthawk AC2600
Source: Tidal
Endpoints: NAD M32 with BluOS MDC card; Bluesound Powernode 2; and Bluesound Flex. Flex and M32 are connected by wireless. The Powernode is hardwired into the Nighthawk.

I’m marginally technically competent but no expert, that’s why I bought the Nucleus!

What do you think I should do?


Hi @Jacob_Harold,

Where is the Nucleus plugged into, is it connected to the Nighthawk router or through a switch / range extender? Can you please provide a screenshot of your Nucleus’ Web UI page and a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio page when connected to the Nucleus?

This is what the WebUI and the Audio page look like for reference:

Thanks for the quick reply. Here you go:

Plus what I see in BluOS:

Hi @Jacob_Harold,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. I noticed that you “Networking” section is missing, which typically indicates a firewall or a multicast issue.

Since you are using a Nucleus + iPad and there is no firewall between these two, I believe this may be related to multicast going wrong on your router.

I would do the following:

  1. Reboot the Nucleus, Networking Gear and Endpoints to ensure they are in a fresh state

  2. Check for any router firmware updates an apply them (in case there’s a multicast issue with older firmware)

  3. Check to see if the Netgear router has an option to “Enable Multicast Routing”, “IGMP Proxy” or “IGMP Snooping” option and try toggling these settings.

Thanks for this. I think you were right about the multicast issue; the router firmware update may have done the trick. At least I think that was what did it…I have managed to get my endpoints back; let me see if they’ll now be stable.

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Hi @Jacob_Harold,

Thanks for the update here and glad to hear that the router firmware looks like it helped! Do let me know if your endpoints are still stable after a few days.