Nucleus+ not working with latest firmware

I have a nucleus+ rev b. I have issue almost every time new firmware is released. Typically, I can reload and it will start working again. This time, I have reset the database multiple times and have reinstalled the software and the problems persist, Initially, it would drop off the network after a few hours. After rebuilding the database it now shows as having an issue with the database after a few hours.

I downloaded core and built a database on my qnap and all works fine. So, it is an issue with nucleus+. Any thoughts? Anyone else experiencing same?

Hi Kevin,

I’m sorry to hear about your issues. Can you upload your Nucleus Logs and provide a link (Information on where to find the Nucleus logs below). I am sure support will want to see them. Also, can you provide a pic of the Nucleus Web UI showing the database issue.

Nucleus Core

Be sure to replace NUCLEUS with NUCLEUSPLUS if you have a Nucleus+

  1. Using a Windows machine, open File Explorer and navigate to \NUCLEUS\Data and use Guest as the username and password. You should then see the RoonServer folder.

  2. Using a Mac, open Finder and navigate to smb://NUCLEUS/Data and use Guest as the username and password. You should then see the RoonServer folder.

Hi Rugby,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, now the nucleusplus is no longer visible after numerous reboots. I have sent a ticket to support, but have not heard back.

I have not had time to connect a monitor and keyboard directly to it.


Connecting a monitor/keyboard is a great next step. That way you can see what is or is not going on.

I connected a monitor/keyboard to the nucleusplus. When I turn it on a black screen comes up with roon in the center. In the upper right hand corner there are two boxes “setup” and “bbs”.

I can see the mouse pointer on the screen and can move it around. I can not get off of this screen.


Returned to roon, bad SSD. Repaired and back, seems to be working as designed now.

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