Nucleus not working

Core Machine

Ethernet except for control only iPad and MacBook Pro (not Endpoints… just control)

Description Of Issue

Struggled with Nucleus crashing and needing reboot for a year now, switched to a mac mini and have no more problems.

So, my question is: In order to use my expensive Nucleus for SOMETHING, I would like to know if I can use it as a Roon endpoint to feed my DAC?

Please describe your system, it sounds like a dodgy Nucleus but there is no detail to go on

Yes, the nucleus snould be able to be used as an endpoint.

You could use your Nucleus as a Roon Endpoint. But why??? You can get much cheaper and less electrically noisy devices to use an Endpoint.

You should get Roon to fix your Nucleus and then sell it…

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Nucleus connected direct to ethernet, then my dac plugged into the nucleus… has constantly(for about a year) crashed to the point of having to power cycle it to get it back… sometimes in the middle of a song. I have multiple endpoints but I only use one at a time. About 7000 Tidal/Quobuz albums, and some DSD (12-15 DSD256) Mostly classical. No pattern to crashes, but when adding albums it is more likely. I have had to plug it into a remote control outlet so I can power-cycle it because it crashes so often. It has an extra internal ATA SSD drive

In addition, it crashes with any kind of DSP even using only one endpoint and 16/41 Redbook CDS. I would like to be able to use dsp for EQ and convolve, etc. its a rev B… nothing but trouble from day one. Soooooo frustrated. I am a lifetime Roon subscriber.

DAC is Project Pre-box S2 Digital. I back up onto a direct plugged(into Nucleus) external SSD.

Was also having problems with phantom albums(albums I didnt add were adding themselves to my library, but I think that was a Tidal problem and it seems to be fixed now) I understand the Nucleus cant do dsp with DSD files… but it should be able to handle it on regular CDs… especially with only one user.

I would involve @support,for a Nucleus to keep crashing like you describe sounds like a defective unit.

I would suspect there are hundreds of Nucleus users getting nothing like this.

I would be looking to send it back. Sorry I am no more help

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Hi @Jennifer_Kellogg,

When the Nucleus is in this state are you able to access the Nucleus Web Administration Interface? If so can you share a screenshot of it the next time this happens? Thanks!

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