Nucleus One shipping date

Got mine today! Installed and working great. If anyone is having issues with Roon Arc Spectrum let me know. A few simple changes in the Spectrum app fixed the issue with Roon Arc for me.

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I just got mine today. So far so good.

Arrived one day early. The physical design is outstanding. It’s sized more as a “component” device than a micro solution, but you can connect it anywhere in your LAN. No fan noise even with heavy tasks. ( Migration from 5 year old Intel Core i7 7567U NUC ROCK was seamless, and performance of Nucleus One isaster than that NUC. Installation of internal SSD was simple, and it is so convenient to manage a 3TB+ library directly instead of using an external USB drive. I will pass the NUC along to my daughter, and it is certainly a great low cost option, but the Nucleus One lives up to what it says it is… a low cost, convenient, beautifully designed turn-key Roon appliance for anyone who doesn’t have a gargantuan library, in which case the Titan seems designed to addressed those needs. Couldn’t be happier!

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Good luck to you all. I purchased a Roon Nucleus + and, after 3 years is a $3500 brick. No Roon Support to fix. Hugely disappointed in the device and Roon Support.

As I said in the other thread that you posted your complaint in - did you ever respond to @daniel’s Private Message?

Hi Geoff

Yes, I responded to him on three separate occasions over 2 months.


Quick question: is the brand of the ram specific or can I get any brand 16gb 3200 sodimm ram? Also does it work without a hitch with your upgraded ram?

I had a simple Crucial stick around, I don’t think brand matters as long as specs are the same.

Again, not sure I am improving much - but a generic 16 GB sodimm will work. I am listening right now with about 22k tracks on the internal drive.


Jeez! I need to catch up to some of you! I only have close to 6,000 tracks. :frowning:

We can see a Nucleus One on photos from Darko.Audio: In Berlin for review: Monitor Audio Studio 89 | Darko.Audio
(It is in the background on the rack)

So, I expect a review soon.

How easy was the install—Which is to say what screws do I need to unscrew to get to the ram slot so I can upgrade?

Super easy. Unfortunately you have to take the casing completely off to access the memory, about 12 or so screws all together, but that’s about it. No weird hidden plastic clips or glue anywhere

Did you find that the app worked more smoothly with the ram upgrade?

With Roon OS, just having more RAM won’t make it faster.

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Thanks for the well backed up answer! I appreciate the insight.

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It just feels smoother when doing multi room groups. But it could totally be a placebo effect.

In the past with my NUC ROCK I experienced skips and stutters from time to time. So far it’s been smooth sailing.

Even the CD rip feature works flawlessly

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