Nucleus Plus First Run Issue

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Plus. WD blue 400Gb SSD installed inside.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

EE router. Ethernet connection to Nucleus Plus.

Connected Audio Devices

Marantz SR8015 via HDMI to VDU.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

After unboxing and connecting up the Nucleus plus for the first time, it does not seem to run. See attached screen shot. After pressing any other key, to continue, it says, ‘Shell’ and wont boot up. Tried switching on and off multiple times but not change. Seems like none of the on board devices are recognised?

It makes no difference if I disconnect in the 2.5’’ SSD. Same message.

This is an SATA based SSD, right? Not an m.2 PCIe device?
And, did you possibly disturb the m.2 drive when fiddling with the hardware? Anyway, try and reseat the m.2.
If this isn’t helping you should report the new Nucleus as DOA…

Hi yes, that’s right, a SATA SSD. The original drive is still in the machine. I reseated it but it still gives the same message.

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Send it back and gets a replacement, it’s bust.

Hi, @millarda1971, thank you for your post, @noris, might help you to figure out the next step here.

Apologies for troubles.


I agree totally, but find the EFI Shell message a bit confusing? Is this machine supplied with UEFI Booting enabled already?
It’s still bust obviously, but makes me wonder a bit.

Hi @millarda1971 ,

If you reboot the Nucleus unit, does it show that screen immediately on the HDMI output, without pressing any keyboard keys? Or what screen does it display?

It looks like it was trying to launch the startup script in 2 seconds, does it fail to do so? Are you stuck on that screen?

Hi, I have swapped the unit for a new one. Works fine.

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